When You Have A Friend! 2

I always envied the relationship my siblings had with each other. It became so obvious after Mum died. Even at the burial, they held hands and cried on each other’s shoulders. I could not even shed a tear, I was crying inside of me but outside I was plain-faced. I felt a pain deep down …

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When You Have A Friend!

Friends are hard to find, true friends are like the siblings you should have had and real friends got your back through thick and thin. These are not just lyrics to trendy songs but a fact of life. Some people are lucky to have a sibling as their best friend, some, their mum or dad …

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When The Saints Go By!

While in the university, Ifeyinwa ensured she dated only the rich guys. Even when they treated her like dirt, she didn’t care. For her, follow the money was the ko-ko. She had been in the school fellowship choir but she secretly loved the badass parties the rich kids threw. She wanted so badly to be …

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Winter Is Gone!

We are often not prepared for the downsides of life. For instance, a bride is so carried away, planning the perfect fairytale wedding that it’s a big shocker to learn that in real life, marriages aren’t like a fairytale or Hollywood love story. Or the youth corps member who got it good, posted to a …

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Hunger Strike – The Feeding System

We are in the popular age of #FitFam – special diets, intermittent fasting, restriction of certain classes of foods, regimented exercise routines, or at least recommended physical activity to keep in shape and healthy. We ladies have jumped on the bandwagon, and don’t get me wrong… there’s nothing as physically attractive as a #YummyMommy slaying! …

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Hunger Strike 1

Whatever we think of, what we believe could happen, will happen if we trust in God and believe in His promise to us. This is a fact: some call it the Secret, some the law of attraction but we know the truth, we know it is the act of FAITH. It is no surprise that …

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