Mar 2017
WhiteOlive_#WomanWednesday_Work-Life Balance and The SuperWoman

Hello friend and welcome to #WomanWednesday. Today, we would be talking about ‘Work-Life balance & the Supermom’. Do enjoy… Nkem was tired. Tired: body, soul & spirit. Drained from all of life’s demands. She didn’t feel like trying any more. She said to herself: “Who will notice if I just stop being ‘Superwoman’ for once? Sure they will all survive”. Wishing she could stay in a remote hotel and sleep for a week, she calculated the costs and chuckled to herself. Seriously though, this overwhelming feeling needed to be managed, else, she figured a breakdown was coming. “How do......

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WhiteOlive_In the line of duty

In The Line Of Duty

We often neglect the truth in ‘The Line of Duty’ especially when you are older and single. Didi prided herself on her many achievements. She was already a top executive in just 7 years, hard work does pay. She loved herself, loved her family and most especially, loved God. Her life was picture perfect. But a call from someone very special to her was also the cause of her deepest pain – her mother. She looked at the phone as it rang and decided not to answer it. She went straight to the gym after work and spent the...

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