Celebrate Your Workers

As the world marks the #WorkersDay today, we encourage entrepreneurs to celebrate their workers.

You may run an #SME or a very large business organization. You have a small or large work force helping build the vision of your organization. We encourage all business people & entrepreneurs to give a special shout out to all their staff.

Despite the dynamics of your HR department, the worker still deserves the attention of today.

Managing workers may have been a herculean task. Some are even frustrating the business. Acknowledge & celebrate the little drops/input of the worker to build the numbers for your organization.

There are 3 key elements in your organization.

  • The first element is your worker. Without your army of workers you don’t have any role in the business sector.
  • The second key element is your worker. There is no team to plot the graphs, manage dynamics of the daily market but the workers.
  • The third key element is your worker. The place of the worker in the daily market cannot be over emphasized.

A happy worker constitutes a vital element of a 3-fold cord that cannot be easily broken.

When you develop a team out of your staff be ready to set records and achieve great things in your business. Underestimation of the role/significance of the staff is often the beginning of the end of great businesses.

Remember, it’s workers that fly into space & land rockets on the moon.

Today is the day to specially blow your workers’ trumpet. Let them know they rock. The labour relationship is one of strange bedfellows & fact that you are still together. Means there are mutual benefits to all. But today is to celebrate the worker.

Whether you are the CEO, general manager, gateman or driver, this is #LabourDay. Today the worker is recognized as king.

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