Champion By His Grace 2

Four weeks ago, I stated in faith how God would see me all the way to the top of a competition He had propelled me into. His word has not returned void. I have come out on top yet again. The competition was stiff. Two persons were favoured to come out tops over me, they were the crowd’s favourites. In addition to that, certain mechanisms were put in place to reduce my chances, essentially giving the upper hand to the two crowd-favoured persons, yet God’s might prevailed.

Although my delivery was, once again, not 100%; ironically, it’s that which I felt least confident in, that I excelled the most at. As we proceeded into each round, I went to the secret place of prayer. Admitting my inability and thanking the Lord for His strength. I even stepped out of the event centre, dreading a negative outcome, yet hoping for the best. I distracted myself with positive activities to calm my quaking nerves.

Then moments later, the good news was given to me. I had made history despite all odds and won the competition, back to back! Glory be to God!!

The ransomed of the Lord has come back rejoicing to complete his testimony. Isn’t it beautiful to trust and depend on Jesus? Trust Him for everything that looks impossible and watch Him make a champion out of you. Be that one that comes back to say ”Lord, thank you!”. Share your testimony with us today.

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