Change And Your Career 2

Last week we looked at changes that may occur in our career that we also need to be prepared for. We saw that changes occur from the foundation of our career up through the rungs of one’s career progression. Discover more in this second edition of “Change & Your Career” & be greatly impacted.

Moving on from our last peek on the topic “Change and your career” last week, we’ll take a deeper look at the topic. You will need to be prepared for intellectual & capability changes to enhance your strength & career chances. You need to go for that developmental course you’ve imagined in the back of your mind that you know you need so badly. You don’t have to wait for your office to pay for it. Invest for a positive change in yourself & career.

Organizations that pay for employee’s training do so out of a sense of responsibility for their development. Jump at the official or private opportunities for personal development that come your way.

Your ability to evolve with modern trends & keep abreast with substantive information makes you more valuable. You need to be deliberate about change. Create time to change yourself profitably. Seek out developmental programs tailored to suit your schedule & professional/career path.

You can read up topics of interest too or relevant subjects to acquire new knowledge & refresh your memory. Soak up all the knowledge, it is never wasted. From knowledge comes wisdom, profit & direction. Never make a mistake of remaining stuck up in yesteryears. Move on with or take steps ahead of the times.

Don’t settle for less even in your physical appearance as your career thrives & blossoms. Change should actually reflect nicely on your appearance, your nails, your hair, bearded gang or not. Have a little neatness budget, show up for yourself when you go there, anywhere & represent well. A skunk is actually oblivious of its stench because it’s in its habitat. You have to be aware of your entire wardrobe, otherwise you will become oblivious & people may really not tell, they may just snicker, cringe & hold their breath.

Allowing change helps you not to become a HR issue, looking good is good business, could be cheap too.

Family is important & constant despite changes. Be a woman or man that takes good care of his/her family.

You are the salvation some people have waited for & you make their hearts sick when you defer their hopes because of change. The need for proper change management vis-à-vis your career cannot be overemphasized. Don’t get lost in the swirl.

Also, be careful not to get confused because of change. Remember it is constant, we can only ride it & keep safe. So, put on your riding gear & get set for a lifetime of extraordinary living through the tides of change.

Remember, it’s you who was fearfully & wonderfully made with a great sense of adaptability, use it wisely.

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