Change And Your Career

Changes occur in your career & you must be prepared for change management to survive. It’s easier to transition from NYSC into your first employee role as you may have relied on everyone around you to survive. The freedom to rely on everyone including the kitchen sink is lost the very moment you have an employment letter in your hand. Roles are reversed from the moment you begin to hit the road at dawn & return in the evening, it’s responsibility time. You may have to borrow more, cash or clothes, in order to meet your first post employment month needs.

The need to meet other people’s needs will also increase from the first month because of new expectations. For some, expectations of friends & family during such transition are wisely managed & relationships sustained. Some throw their past away at such times, burn old bridges & despise those days of little beginnings. The “I have arrived syndrome” gets the best of some & they set new rules for the exclusion of all others.

Yes, it is good to select your friends, but do so wisely bearing in mind that we live in a small world. Never let your actions as a result of change show disrespect or disdain no matter the circumstances, people never forget. Also, remember you must pay the little monies you borrowed, including from the “Mallam” in your compound to pay your “Okada” fare.

Endeavor to clear the debts here & there with the first salary or shortly afterwards & manage expectations rightly. You will be fine. You will eventually settle in as time goes by & the past become “those days”. Continue with a good heart.

But shortly after, new jobs start beckoning & you desire a new move, you can’t even stand the current job anymore. Well, the change will come according to your heart desire & the new place you seek you shall find, but that transition may not be as simple & straightforward as it appears, it may have its thorns. You need to watch out for the credit & social capital you have built based on the office you are leaving.

That new move is pretty much starting afresh, in many cases, it’s a new life. Loyalties are changing, your business circle, interactions, trust, circle of influence is shifting. Except you have some cash stashed away for you & or a lot of goodwill, changing jobs could be trying times too. You won’t know it until you experience it, but it takes a while to settle into the new job & get the wind on your sail again.

The new job is a totally different environment, you need to learn the “modus operandi” & your new colleagues. You need to prove your mettle & achieve your confirmation after the standard probation period.

It is possible the people who dealt with you based on your former job would need to also place you on unofficial probation, but a lot of the foregoing depends on your preparedness for change & the nature of your new job.

You also need to be prepared for change in personalities. Your colleagues can never be the same. They probably don’t laugh during work hours in your new job or they just have fun like you are unused to, but in all these, you have to be a change manager. Be ready to tackle the challenges of change.

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