Chase Your Dreams

Many people don’t know how to dream at all, a few actually dare to & fewer have the courage to chase it. Every Entrepreneur had a picture in their mind when they started out their business, no matter how irrelevant it looked. It’s the picture of what business will look like in a couple of years in terms of size and value offering. The picture must have been so compelling that you gave it your best try; you ventured. Even when things are not looking up as expected, that picture still deserves your total devotion and commitment. Whatever picture you saw in your mind, it is worth every measure of passion and energy that you’ve got. You’ve got to chase that dream with all the fire inside of you.

You know what you saw; no one else saw what you saw. It’s your very personal dream to change your world and by extension, change our world. These are desperate times and many entrepreneurs are beginning to ditch their dreams just because of few difficulties, but that’s why you’re in Nigeria at such a time like this.

Who says, chasing your dream was going to be easy? Who told you everything is going to fall in place just like that? Who told you, the dream will just happen on a platter? If wishes were horses, even beggars will take rides.

Scripture says, that for the vision & dreams set before Him(Jesus), he fixed His attention on the goal & endured the cross and that’s the way to go.
Fix your eyes and attention on the BIG picture. If you don’t have the end in view, this is the time to get one, a dream to live for the rest of your life. So what’s the dream you have for your “small business”? It may be a young business, but it is NOT a small one. Never call your business small; it may not be as big as you want but it’s certainly not a small company. You can actually double your sales; you can achieve and surpass your target.

First, assess your current situation and conduct a reality check of the situation. How do you move from where you are? Play all the options in your mind and the worst case scenario; confront your fears and tell yourself it can’t be worse. Come up with a detailed plan and specific actions on how to make the change happen this time. Pray over your detailed and actionable plans; challenge yourself again and dive into the plan. Dream REALLY BIG, aim very high, you never can tell where you’ll end up but start with a positive step.

In life, there is a time to make a difficult choice and that choice may eventually redefine your life completely.

Remember, if that plan is not working out as planned, you’ll probably need to make few changes along the way. Keep chasing your dream no matter how difficult it may be; its called persistence.


3 thoughts on “Chase Your Dreams”

  1. God bless you sir. This is great light. Yes achieving that dream won’t be like butter and bread. I’m blessed and inspired with fresh grace and energy to pursue till l overcome.
    Am blessed to be part of this house.

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