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  1. I am trying to think of the kind of fun that christians (individuals and even the church) embark on and I am drawing a blank…apart from going to the beach. In our environment, whether due to financial constraints or a set kind of mentality, christians rarely have fun apart from attending weddings (Jesus attended one in Cana), birthday parties, naming ceremonies and going to the beach.

    Maybe the bigger question is what exactly is “fun”? The dictionary defines that as, enjoyment, amusement or lighthearted pleasure. Another definition is amusing, entertaining or enjoyable.

    Does watching or playing football give me pleasure? Then by all means, enjoy it. Do I enjoy going on long walks? Please go ahead. How about dancing? Yes! by all means!

    As a church, our idea of fun should once in a while include invitations to those who are sinners so that by fellowshipping and seeing Godly interactions in the house of God, they can be saved. Our idea of fun could be to host a barbecue and chapman night for teenagers or a free medical check up day for the elderly. Amusement games for the children, or organizing a day for sports competitions for everybody.

    In all these, I believe we should not however, forget that all things should be done decently and in order; with moderation and with discipline. Having a right motive and never forgetting whose we are.

  2. Interesting comment you have here Ariere. There are loads of misconceptions about fun. I agree with the dictionary definition and it did not say anything ‘negative’ in fun. That means fun should not have any negativity in it. That negativity however, is what many people term as fun; the self destructive tendencies, indulgence in addictions, negative emotions, excessive drinking, hangovers and misbehavior.

    I remember when I was in the University, I lost a friend to alcohol. He had Liver Sclerosis; we used to hangout in those funny beer parlours then, though I don’t take alcohol but i still hangout with them. He had too much alcohol in his system. We thought that was fun until our friend died.

    For Christians, fun is the same as what’s in the dictionary, as long as it edifies your body, spirit & soul. God will never stop us from having fun. In fact, I saw two places in scripture that got me thinking differently about God & fun. Exodus 24:9-11 & Deuteronomy 12:7. It changed my perspective. So God loves his people and delights in seeing them enjoy their lives to the max. The reason Jesus showed up at a wedding.

    But we can do more than weddings and the likes. Go watch a good & clean movie, go for a sport (don’t just watch ManU & Chelsea on TV in your house), engage in sports, go to random places, drive around town leisurely in the weekend nights with a friend or friends. There is so much we can do and be creative about it. However, our lack of recreation facilities in this part of the world is also not helping matters.

    So go have some fun! You’re blessed.

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