Chronicles Of A Youngen

Don’t you just find it annoying when people say you’re young and therefore have nothing to worry about? As though age is the meter on a stress scale and there’s no significant weight on your shoulders. In a way they are right, there’s nothing to worry about because there’s EVERYTHING to worry about!

Is it any wonder that almost every superhero is a metaphor for Teenagehood/Young Adulthood. Its a tumultuous time in a persons life, a time to decide whether you’ll be hero or villain. Spiderman for instance, has powers which are an exaggeration of what happens when one begins to mature.

He has Spidersense which allows him to preconceive incoming danger. As a young adult you have that too; you can sense the dangers around. How that difficult test in your least favourite course can affect your CGPA. How your head over feelings for that special someone can turn you into a bad cliché.

You have superstrength; everyone knows you can take on more responsibility, you can do more. But nobody knows how strong you are. They have great expectations but don’t know how much pressure will break you.

Your parents want you to be their perfect child, and a mature adult at the same time. Your serious partner wants you to be wife/husband material, when you’re still figuring out what cloth you’re cut from.

But it’s not like these people are Sandman or Venom, no! the emotional drain and trauma comes from those closest to us, the Harry to our Peter, the Jonathan to our David. And you’ve seen it happen time and time again, its so easy to shift from growing in God to growing in love.

Love is such a strong pure emotion, that we don’t realize it’s half the root of all evil. Think about it, if the ‘love of money’ is the source of all darkness, doesn’t it thus follow that love may not always be a bright pink, or brazen red, that sometimes love can be dark and grey.

The love you feel and receive from your parents, friends, romantic partner, leaders, and in time your own children, will not always be sunshine and roses. Sometimes it will be fire and brimstone.

This doesn’t simply mean that they can let you down, it means that they can break you, hurt you as malevolently as an enemy. So forget that Jay Z and Beyonce album title, Love ISN’T everything. Not unless you put it in the right context. God’s love and self love is the well from which all other love flows. Don’t be a tree growing in a forest that can catch fire. Be a tree growing in the clouds, were no flames can reach.

This doesn’t mean don’t love, it just means base your love on the foundation of God and yourself then, extend it to people. This is what the Bible calls being perfected in love. You can’t give what you don’t have.

So how’s your love life? Tell us about the love life between you, yourself and God.

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