Clarify Your Vision

All great and successful #entrepreneurs have compelling visions for the businesses they built. Apart from that, they know how to effectively communicate that vision to individuals who work with them.

Vision is the mental picture of a preferred future for an idea you created or the business you run. The vision will lead to the creation of a document that becomes the road map to that preferred future. It describes the intangible future in the present. It’s not the same as the mission because the mission defines your business.

The greatest challenge entrepreneurs face is the ability to describe that intangible future to people in clear & concise ways that compel them to act accordingly and also see themselves in that future. Describing the future may sound easy but we bet it is a very difficult task to communicate. The more concise you are able to describe it, the easier it becomes for people to understand it. The more often you describe it, the higher the chances that people are getting to hear it.

Vision is the ability to focus your people & resources on one purpose or else you’ll have ‘di-vision’ or multiple visions. All your organization’s energy, time and resources must be channelled towards that one purposeful achievement.

Many entrepreneurs see the vision very clearly and are almost living it but they assume everyone else in the team sees it too. Again, lots of entrepreneurs have lost sight of the vision once the business starts making tons of money.

The truth is, many of your team members don’t get the vision yet or else ask them at random to tell you the vision. It’s the reason many businesses die quickly, the visionary ends up frustrated and the people lose steam. So it becomes essentially necessary for entrepreneurs to clarify their vision first to themselves and then the people.

With a clear vision, your decisions about every aspect of your business becomes more accurate. Your vision will influence the people you hire, it will decide your strategies & processes. It will determine your budget & financials and ultimately the customers your business needs to focus on.

Your vision is the ultimate roadmap that will take the business to the future of your dreams. So clarify your vision over and again and be sure you’re on track. Let your people know this and see themselves in it too.

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