Co-Running The World

Shaking her smoothie jug and glancing through the reminders popping up on her phone, Teni thought: ‘this is gonna be a looong meeting’. She was in a Q1 brand review with 4 agencies and all she could think of was her baby boy’s slight fever from last night. She quickly sent a text to Dami, her husband, reminding him to pick up Tokunbo from the crèche and take him to the clinic at 12, as they had earlier agreed. He was working from home today and she couldn’t risk him forgetting the appointment.

Teni powered through the meeting and took notes, while texting her business manager with key instructions. She created her weekend shopping list and made an appointment with the tailor – it was Grandma’s 70th next month and the whole family had to slay.

Typical Superwoman day for Teni, right?

Kofo, her bestie, could not say the same. She was exhausted and grumpy – the kids were wearing her out and work wasn’t going so well. Peter wasn’t of much help as he was always busy at work till late. Kofo felt like the weight of the world was on her shoulders. That feeling of overwhelm wasn’t helping her put in her best, anywhere. Temper was short with the kids, arguments were often at work and there was a constant misunderstanding at home with Peter. The more she thought about Peter, she wondered how to conquer the bitter taste in her mouth. Is this really what she signed up for? Teni had advised her about submission, but how do you submit to a man that isn’t submitted to God?

Just at that moment, Teni called her. Hahaha, soul-sister Teni always had good instincts. After opening up and even shedding a few tears, Teni assured Kofo that she wasn’t alone. Truth is, Kofo needed to start viewing Peter as her life-partner. Feeling inspired, Kofo went through some scriptures Teni had paraphrased. Looking at her compact mirror, she said to herself – Kofo, you are Peter’s helper – one who balances him, a counterpart who is suitable and complementary for him!

Just dissecting those words gave Kofo hope – she was already equipped, as a woman, with all needed to help Peter. Maybe he was also having challenges that she wasn’t aware of. After all, they were a team, right?

Teni had also spoken of how she and Dami shared almost everything, even called it ‘division of favour’. Dami was her better half and she leaned on him ESPECIALLY when she started feeling swamped. Division of favour, huh? That should work. Time she stopped being omnipotent and omniscient, share the load and let the real God stand up, Kofo laughed.

She planned to discuss this whole thing calmly, tell him her hopes and fears and they could work it out. She’d put her verbal power to good use and skew the conversation in the direction of collaboration and progress. Kofo read a scripture that helped her understand that marriage was God’s bootcamp for refining both spouses – something about mutual submission and ‘washing of water by the Word’. The down times should only help make them stronger and closer.

You know, the more Kofo thought about it, she realized they both had an assignment to raise the kids as ‘arrows’ and couldn’t afford to be distracted by discord. The enemy was smart but not that smart. With a call-back to Teni, the besties encouraged each other again, had a few laughs and went back to their days, co-running the world.

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