Controlled Environment

TEXT: Ephesians 6:4 (MSG) (NIV)

There is an environment necessary for the flourishing of any living thing including a child. The most important atmosphere or environment is the family. The family is God’s most strategic incubator after the womb for the raising of God’s children.

The two most important knobs for that environment are the parents, Mom and Dad. The government control the larger environment (Daniel 1). Our children pay more attention to what we do more than what we say. Some home environment are more toxic than you can imagine. Wale said his father gave to churches but refused to pay his child’s fees.

Be deliberate about the future… We are moulding destinies and when moulding, you’re careful to achieve a great sculpture. We don’t own any child, they’re God’s heritage and we are only custodians of God’s heritage.

Children, Be obedient to your parents, Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, Don’t be badly influenced and remember, To be a “child of God” is very cool.

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