Critical Career Decision

Hello there. Ready to take that Career elevating decision, today?
Welcome to #TieTuesday. We discuss ‘Critical Career Decision’ today.

Never be afraid to quit a job you’re totally frustrated & miserable with. It’s the first lesson for a professional. If you’re afraid to make critical decisions, as per your career, you’ll regret that inaction for a very long time.

Many people are stuck on a job they don’t enjoy anymore, yet, they’re afraid of quitting. Time and time again, they complain about their lives & future; they loathe the job, yet won’t quit. Many others simply lack the will to launch out and search for new career paths and business opportunities. Some others are threatened daily by a superior or employers yet they’re paralyzed by fear of leaving. The question, “How will I survive?”, keeps us on the same job because we don’t think we’re good enough to get another.
Some people believe they’re not able to do something worthwhile with their lives. What we believe often becomes our reality. Many career professionals already have a boring life; they have no life outside of the ‘9-5’ routine. No friends, no family and definitely no connections outside of the job. Interesting lifestyle that is.

#TieTuesday has come to encourage someone to make that bold decision in faith and believe the best for yourself. Irrespective of the current economic situation, your story can be different; people still get fantastic jobs in a recession. Besides, we’re coming out of recession; an improved economy means professionals should be more confident in their job prospects.

So, here are a few tips to help make critical career decisions.

  • What is your time worth? Time is a limited resource. Is it worth wasting your limited but precious time on a job taking you nowhere in particular? What’s the return on time invested?
  • Then ask yourself, where would you rather be? Or better still, what would you rather be doing? What’s your long time objective as a career professional? You should not just work for paychecks; there is more to your life. If there is a frog you’re designed to eat, the earlier one embraces the idea & eat the frog, the better. You can’t continue to live in fear; confront your fears.
  • What’s the worst-case scenario? Often times, it’s the bills.

So, what’s the plan? You can make that decision today. Create a plan today & start with all your options & scenarios. Begin an aggressive saving plan, think daily about better career opportunities. Pray & release your faith. Talk to your mentors & friends, repackage your CV, build new relationships, get on the social media after work & connect with people.

Truth is, most people never really apply for jobs, someone recommended them but others make the move. So, make that move today and you’ll be glad you did.

Have a fantastic #TieTuesday!

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