Culture Of Continuous Improvement

Your business remains probably the best in your chosen sector until a competition shows up around the corner. A potentially successful entrepreneur must therefore commit to a journey of continuous improvement. You may have started the business alone and was everything to the business until you started recruiting people.

There are different mindsets that people bring to the workplace that an entrepreneur needs to be sensitive to. Somewhere in your interactions with staff members, the diverse mindsets become obvious. Part of leadership is to harmonize different mindsets into one which drives & serves the vision of the organization. These people joined your enterprise for reasons best known to you. They were supposed to fill vacancies in your system.

As the work load grows and gets bigger, there is immense pressure on the current system. Some gaps will begin to show & will definitely impact on the business negatively. As an entrepreneur, you should model it & make it your corporate culture to get better & better at your trade. You will also have to work hard to ensure that it becomes an organizational culture. People naturally resist change especially if it’s not been part of your corporation before now.

To build a culture of continuous improvement, admit that everyone that joins your team has value to offer. Create an environment where innovation & ideas for improvement is shared freely and responded to quickly. Empower your team to make those daily changes that improve your operation & service delivery. Input in your system, incentives for those who strive to make those daily commitment to improvement. There is the need to make the culture of continuous improvement a second language in your organization.

You may also need to do something about your office looks & ambience. It shows how serious you are. Change the rugs, carpets, broken furniture, paint the faded office wall; get new life into the system and watch its impact.

Remember to commit to training your staff, leverage technology and critically look at your processes. Remain consistent, resolute, simple and disciplined in your pursuit to building enduring businesses.


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