Culture Of Hard Work

Hard work means different things to different people. It is deliberately applying your ability with focus and intensity.

Naturally, we avoid anything that will task us beyond the normal and especially any activity we find difficult or strenuous, but that’s what work is all about, it will require our focused energy and time.

Consider this classic African poem by one of Nigeria’s foremost writers, J.F. Odunjo. It’s titled “Work is the antidote to poverty”

Work is the antidote for poverty.
Work hard, my friend. Hard work is the major tool for elevation
If we do not have anyone to lean on, we appear indolent.
If we do not have anyone to support us, we simply work harder.
Your mother might be rich, your father may have a stable full of horses;
if you rely on them, you’re close to shame and disgrace.
Whatever one does not work hard to earn, usually does not last;
whatever gain one seriously labors for, usually lasts.

Your arm is your kinsman and relative, the elbow is a sibling.
If you’re loved by the world today, if you are still rich and wealthy,
they will still love you tomorrow.

If you’re in a prestigious position, you’ll be celebrated with pomp and pageantry
but if you become poor, they’ll turn their back on you.

Education also elevates one to higher positions, so ensure that you acquire it well.
And if you see lots of people making a mockery of education with laughter,
please do not emulate or keep their company.

Suffering beckons on the unwise child, tears are due for the truant child.
Do not toy with your early years”.

There is an interesting evolution to this classic and it is to also ‘work smart’. The harder and smarter you work, the greater your chances of succeeding.

Don’t be deceived, you don’t stand a chance in an ever changing career world if you’re sluggish or dormant. Hard work requires that you wake up every morning, inspired for another day’s work. Yes, it takes effort. Give it your best shot when no one is watching, push yourself more and diligently pursue your dreams. With hard work, there is no such thing as ‘luck’. You’ve taken your outcome away from the realm of chance.

Great things will surely happen to you and for you, just prayerfully keep your focus on your goals and WORK HARD.

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