Customizing Your Tomorrow

Text: Hebrews 11:3, Acts 2:17-18

Theologians believe that Prophet Daniel served 3-4 kings as administrator and policymaker. In Gen 41, Joseph downloads divine ideas. It was a forecasting of the future. Seven years of plenty and seven years of famine. There are those who rule and shape our world today. There are things you can do today that guarantee your tomorrow. The best time to influence tomorrow is today. Some deal with small personal issues, others think for the world.

Products and ideas from the altered state redefine the culture of the people. Products and ideas shape everything for people e.g. Olamide dictating popular dance culture. Products and ideas will determine where you operate. For instance, to catch a whale… not in a pond but the oceans/seas. 1 Chronicles 12:32 talks about the sons of Issachar. People who tap from the higher realm will always rule people who don’t know what’s up. The more fertile your mind, the more glorious your future is likely to be.

Steps to bringing your ideas to life include:

  1. GET A BIG IDEA! There is nothing more powerful in business or career than an idea whose time has come. Don’t be deceived, what it takes to survive in life is exactly what it takes to excel. Just channel your resources aptly and don’t be stuck in the unfortunate realm of survival, move past survival. What got Israel out of slavery is exactly what’s required to own houses, vineyards, businesses and cities they didn’t build. You have to be serious, even the Devil is more serious than some people. Convenience is a cemetery. Nothing powerful comes out of it. Anything you do out of convenience doesn’t amount to much.
  2. DOCUMENT AND RESEARCH YOUR IDEAS. (Habbakuk 2:1-3) Conquer that terrible culture of not writing and working with data. Put pen to paper, read. Make it plain, keep improving, finetune, cut and add, do your analysis, research. Write out the steps to take. Don’t over-analyze. Don’t wait for perfect timing (Ecclesiastes 11:4-5). Perfect timing is not the same as divine timing.
  3. START WITH WHAT YOU HAVE. This is the greatest act of faith. Your capacity determines your entitlements in life. Therefore you need to develop your muscle of capacity.
  4. BE COURAGEOUS AND BE PASSIONATE (Joshua 1:6-7). You need courage. Courage is the choice and willingness to confront uncertainty, pain, intimidation and agony. It’s the ability to take on that which frightens you. It’s bravery. Be bold and strategic. Be passionate. You can turn a passion into a calling. The degree of passion determines the survival or success of any great idea. Climb a tree if you have to.

Finally, look good for your destiny. Have you seen the billionaire recently… how do they look? Fresh. You too should look like it. If you can’t be fresh, at least look good.

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