Dare Art Alade’s Escalade

Your name is Dare (maybe) and you don’t drive a car. Neither do you have those limited edition Air Jordans. Let’s be honest, the reason you don’t go clubbing has nothing to do with your faith, the bouncers just won’t let you in (don’t worry, we won’t tell, He already knows). But the truth is, like Dare in his 2008 classic single, you’ve got a lot going for you. It’s your value system: the fact that you’re not another reason for another girl somewhere to say “men are scum”.

And if your name isn’t Dare, then maybe you’re a girl. But you’re not the girl they used to know. They think you’re a shadow of yourself, but the truth is you’ve just become the kind of light that unworthy men turn blind eyes to. The dark past can hear your footsteps down the hall, and it knows that’s you leaving it, for good.

Dare (or Tosin, or Jack or Tochukwu), God’s been sitting in your heart for over two straight decades watching you asleep, wishing He could talk to you. There’s no denying your deep calls unto His deep, oh if He could talk to you. He knows you’re scared. But when He tries to take your hand you are not there. Even though you see the signs, you ignore them. There’s not one reason why you should hide your fears from Him, not when it’s killing you inside.

And girl, you’re not the girl you used to know. The darkness lost you long ago, like a book that’s left the shelf. You and God have been together for so long, He seems a part of you. Through Jesus, He gave to you His best just to make it work, continue as this and nothing could go wrong.

Dare, you’ve tried. Your eyes are empty from all the tears you’ve cried, cos you won’t let His perfect love have you satisfied. There’s no reason why you should hide your tears, not when it’s killing you inside. Girl, if you ever come across a girl like you again, don’t look the other way. If you care, then you might say, that you’re sure that there’s not anyone that God can’t save.

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