Dare To Be Different

The conformist seems to be the latest invention of our time, i.e individuals who are swayed by vague notions. Conformists are everywhere around us, in religious settings, in families, institutions & most especially in the workplace. Conformists are people who stand for nothing. They live & operate by the ideals & values of others, they never have their own. Conformists compromise & grab at every opportunity for selfish & wicked reasons. They don’t have values they live by & they have capacity to compromise your standing if you hang around them for long enough.

More often than not, conformists don’t see any good in any system because they can’t keep faith long enough. They always think others or even the system is the problem, they’re never part of the problem. If you can’t solve our problem, at least don’t add to the problem for goodness’ sakes. You can’t afford to be a conformist, especially in trying times in our world today. Dare to be different!

Daring to be different is not just by word of mouth, it will require your will power, emotions & intellect.

Your voting to be different means standing against the tide, against the bandwagon. Every time you stand for the truth, you’ll make new enemies in people who lack the courage for the truth.

See, you just can’t be part of the problem in that organization. You are too loaded to be part of the problem.

Every organization’s problems or challenge is often the people that work there, as employees or employers. That’s why the workplace is fast becoming a place of wicked human politics rather than a place of value & creativity. Many resume daily to peddle rumours & gossips about others rather than add value & improve on the quality of value offered. Don’t be part of the decay in your organization. The fact that everyone is doing it doesn’t make it right.

Don’t allow your sense of judgment to be blurred by tainted conformists escapist philosophies of corruption. You’re supposed to be the light. Yes! it takes just a little amount of light to glow in total darkness. Keep your light glowing, illuminate your world. Once your light’s aglow you can’t be hidden anymore.

Don’t allow your light become darkness as a result of daily experiences testing your capacity & staying power. Keep hope alive. You’re the hope of this continent. Once Nigeria gets it’s bearing, then our continent would too.

Be professional in all your dealings. Learn integrity and deal with other in the integrity of your heart. We can’t build great careers without integrity. Integrity is the fulcrum on which your whole life & career hangs.

Love people & be genuinely concerned about their wellbeing. Beyond your job, you’re called to love as well. Be a team player. Make it obvious that your organization will be missing real value if you quit.

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