Dealing With Advancement Concerns

Mabel is a beautiful, hardworking executive who has been in banking for 6 years & has only been promoted once. Her frustration with her job & probably with her bank’s management is something she can’t explain. She has given her best consistently over the past years. She felt there was a glass ceiling holding her from her next level.

Mabel once had a chat with her boss on why she had not been promoted despite her good appraisal ratings. The explanation given by her boss was unfounded. It lacked merit & she couldn’t make sense of it. She is thinking of changing her employer or switching careers completely.

In her present state, the grass is looking greener away as the days go by.

It gives a bad feeling to be denied good opportunities in life & not appreciated especially if you’re giving your best.

If you have career advancement concerns like Mabel, here are a few tips to help navigate this phase:

1. Stop complaining to your colleagues & don’t allow your frustration show in your attitude.

2.You may need to document your achievements so far & begin to take on tasks fit for higher roles. Be deliberate about everything so it becomes obvious you’ve outgrown your current position.

3. Look for skill gaps within your orgaization & acquire new knowledge and skills that fit.

4. Make yourself marketable & indispensable by demonstrating leadership, tact & initiative.

5. Be proactive, ask for more projects & responsibilities. Volunteer more & show you can multitask.

6. Who is your mentor? Who are you accountable to? Get someone higher in your system to mentor you.

7. Improve your networking. Get a handle on your networks with people inside & outside your organization & industry.

8. Maintain a good handle on honest conduct & integrity. These always make you outstanding.

Keep sowing good seeds & producing good fruits with patience. Your only reward shall be increase.

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