Dealing With Changes In Womanhood

Tade was a 26 year old beauty with brains combined. She had men crawling at her feet for attention. Everything she touched turned to gold – academics, ministry, events, career… she even had a blossoming side hustle in fashion design.

Tade’s personality was so appealing and infectious, people flocked around her eager to get a glimpse of her shine. She was humble, yet confident; outgoing, yet resourceful. Things seemed to really be going well for her.

Her fiancé, Efosa, was a talented architect, just starting his own business. They were the proverbial power couple. The wedding in March last year was straight off the pages of a fairytale – romantic, elegant, well-attended. Tade was in heaven, well, on earth. Life had truly just begun, she thought.

Tade got pregnant, expectedly, and had a beautiful set of twin girls. Throughout the 9-month period, her husband was quite supportive, helping with chores, treats and medical visits. She felt very treasured by him and family members.

After delivery and the usual “owambe”, it was another ball game – friends and family became scarce, help was hard to come by. Tade’s life was drowned in diapers, feeding bottles and sleepless nights. It was a battle to hang on to her sanity as hubby came home later and later, while the funds became smaller and smaller.
Tade, 27, mother to 2 newborn babies and wife to a hubby who didn’t stop demanding the best meals, sex and attention, was at a crossroads. She had to evolve or cave under the pressure of life.
Women, all over the word are faced with such situations and must rise to the occasion. Remember that though you are unique, your circumstance is not uncommon. As a woman, you are ENOUGH for your assignment. Note that change is the only constant thing in life and it’s only the strong that survive.

First, evaluate the situation – challenge, objectives and available resources (human and material). Be realistic and open to unconventional solutions such as hourly babysitters, investment options, trade-by-barter, helpers, coaches/mentors, etc.

Second, determine in your heart that the end is victory (no other option). Your mindset must remain positive at all times. It’s important to always begin with the end (achieving your God-ordained purpose) in mind and that will keep you motivated. Remember that the answer is joy!

Lastly, break down your goals into simpler, chew-able chunks – household tasks, self-development goals, relationship improvements, etc. Don’t let any deadline scare you, it’s only a matter of preparation.
Change begins with you. Have a great Wednesday, girl!

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