Dear Young Wives

Dear Young Wife, now that the honeymoon is over, how do you feel? It’s been a month, a year or two… Are you still as excited & in love as you were when you made those vows?

Someone once said “Dating is Dreaming, Courtship is Planning & Marriage is REAL LIFE”. It’s only natural for things to be clearer, now that you are eating from the same pot, sharing the same bathroom.

Though the wedding veil is gone, you’re permitted to retain a mental one – the LOVE veil. Wisdom says that LOVE never gives up, it cares more for others than for self. It doesn’t ‘strut’ or have a swelled head. It isn’t always ‘me first’. This love doesn’t fly off the handle or keep score of offences. We are all human, not perfect.

You’re two individuals with years of different experiences & upbringing that have molded you to this point. Cut him some slack. Issues will arise but LOVE conquers all! Except in cases of adultery and domestic violence, INTENTIONAL love has been proven to do the trick.

Remember that marriage is only a mirror of a spiritual reality – Christ and His Church. We are all acting a part in this life-drama so focus on playing YOUR part. Both husband and wife are co-students in the school of marriage, so you are not his teacher or judge. Stick to your script and leave script-marking to your maker.

Next tip is PRAYER: ‘…something powerful to be reckoned with’. It changes your state of mind. Prayer acts as a decongestant, sieving thoughts, bringing strange attitudes & mindsets under God’s microscope. Try it!

Final tip is TONGUE-CONTROL. Wisdom says ‘…the tongue runs wild, is a wonton killer’, so be careful. Your tongue can shred him to pieces, completely destroy his confidence, ego and even his love for you. Be slow to speak, quick to actively listen and don’t assume anything. You know what they say about assumptions, right?

Dear Young Wife, please practice these tips of love, prayer and tongue-control and you will do exploits in your marriage.


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