Delivered From An Accident

On Wednesday last week, I noticed an accident on my way home from work. My sympathy immediately went out to the victims involved as I prayed they made it out alive, especially the bike rider involved. Little did I know that Satan had similar plans the next day. Indeed, the devil comes only to steal, to kill and to destroy but Jesus came to give us life in abundance.

It was Thursday; the day of the much awaited “Harvest of Miracles”. I hopped on a bike from work to church as I didn’t want to be late for the program. I felt a nudge in my spirit, like a warning telling me: “aren’t you scared of taking bikes on the express road?”. I even had a mental flashback to the accident of the previous day. I prayed against it. Thank God Pastor had earlier sent the prayer points for the day, which I had declared intensely, especially the one that was about nullifying the power of death over my life. Leviticus 17:11. “Today, by the blood of Jesus, I nullify everything that represents death and or curses around me, my home, business, children and career. I decree life all around me in Jesus name”.

On getting to the same spot where the accident had happened the previous day, my ‘Okada’ almost collided with an oncoming vehicle. My motorcycle rider swerved and the other vehicle swerved to the opposite side and hit another motorcycle rider. The other bike rider lost control and found himself beneath the vehicle. He sustained so many injuries. It was sad to watch and I wish him a quick recovery. I know it could have been me and it could have been worse. Thank God for answering my prayers and for delivering me from the accident.

The power that averted that accident is still available for each of us and it works best for those that are under the blood covenant of Jesus Christ. The blood still has miraculous powers. Share with us what the covenant blood of Jesus has saved you or your loved ones from lately.

Enjoy the rest of your #ThankfulTuesday

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