Delivered From Drowning

I felt the urge to pray, and as soon as I started I could not stop the tears. I didn’t know why but emotions crept in and I prayed especially for my boys. Welcome to #ThankfulTuesday as Suz’s tells us about her and her neice’s miraclous escape from drowning.

I woke up to the frantic voices of other passangers; I looked out the window to see my bus trying to avoid another danfo by its side. Before I could make sense of the situation, I was looking at the lagoon below 3rd mainland bridge…bang!

The bus hit the culvert, then climbed it as if trying to take a dive. Funny, no one was screaming except the old lady behind me who wanted to dash out of the window; I was in a daze, as I calmly told her not to. I begged that everyone should remain seated and allow the driver reverse a little so the door won’t open to the railings that stood between us and the sea. All the while I prayed inside my heart that the bus would reverse so there can be space for us to step down unhurt. As I alighted the cold breeze of the sea hit my face and a flash back of that morning rushed through my mind.

At 3am, I had just finished feeding my baby and was trying to catch some sleep before preparing for work. The urge to pray was so strong, I just kept praying for guidance, protection and  grace. I never knew it could have been my last. I woke up early as usual, got ready at about 5:10am and called for Emma. ‘Emma! our neighbour has called, he is downstairs get your bag and let’s start going’ No response from Emma, my neighbour was calling for the second time. My husband rushed to the baby’s room to check what my niece was up to. She is still doing the dishes and no where near ready to go – I was so livid. I had told her to do the dishes the night before, that morning I reminded her again before I had my bath. I reminded her we were to be ready at 5:15 just in case our neighbour called.

In my anger, I asked my husband to tell our neighbour that he could leave us behind, as I didn’t want to keep him waiting; he hated that. This time I was considering leaving her behind and taking my staff bus which would arrive by 5:30am. Emma was the reason I didn’t go with my staff bus on the days she had classes and now she had made us miss our usual Monday and Wednesday  ride. I didn’t like taking danfo but couldn’t afford a cab.

As we rode in the danfo, I remember my mind saying the prayer I normally say when I drive. A prayer I make anytime I start my car and stepped on the accelerator – For no accidents. We would have been swimming with the fishes but the Holy Spirit lead my heart to pray at 3am and again while in the bus. The thought of what could have happened is a reminder  of God’s daily love and saving grace.

Everyday, God delivers us from countless situations; if only we would take a break from our busy lives and pause to say thank you to our protector, provider and helper.

What are you thankful for?

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  1. I am thankful to God for giving me a second chance after having an encounter with death. Small wit big GOD!!!

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