Delivered From Looming Blindness

He gives sight to the blind and makes the lame to walk again. God indeed is awesome in His care of us. AA shares his testimony.

I woke up Wednesday morning, getting prepared for the Sallah holiday when I realised everything I saw through my right eye was fading. By midday, all I could see out of that eye was plain white. I still shrugged it off until late evening when I started feeling a slight swelling on the side of my head and a pounding headache.

First thing Thursday morning, I headed to the optician and the optician had to do the test twice cos she couldn’t believe the readings… My right eye was 47mmHg (normal rate is 16 – 22 mmHG). I was admitted at the optician’s for Ocular Hypertension (first time I ever heard of that!) and pumped full of tablets and eye drops every 5-10 mins for 3 hours. If you have that kind of pressure in your eye, it damages your nerves and it’s irreversible.

I checked yesterday and it’s down to 16mmHg. There is still a little blurriness (which is normal) but thank God for the prompt to go to the opticians. It could have been a very different story right now.

How many times do we give heed to the little prompts we get to go for that dental or BP check up and we shrug it off as, I will go later? Sometimes, the Lord nudges us to take those check ups in order to save us from something bigger.

What has God saved you or your loved one from today? Share with us as you tag a friend to come join in giving God thanks.

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