Depression: A Lack Of Faith?

In this time and country we live in, it doesn’t help that people don’t understand depression or even believe it exists. On social media you see news that a certain popular individual committed or attempted suicide.

The comments on such grievous story will literally leave you sad. Insults and abuses are rained on the hapless person. Are you surprised that suicide is on the rise because victims are scared to speak up for fear of being judged or misunderstood?

In order to enlighten us on this trauma called depression, these beautiful people shared their experiences with us…

I am a 300 level student of Micro Biology, I can’t pinpoint when it started but I can tell you it only got worse, I would wake up each morning and not want to leave my bed or deal with people.

It wasn’t because I loved my bed or that I didn’t want to study or I wasn’t brilliant, I just woke up feeling uninspired, like the last thing I wanted was to have to talk to another human being.

You’d imagine that with my name it should be different, but is depression really a lack of faith? I have so many friends and they say I am popular, but none of my friends knew I cried myself to sleep every night.

I got overwhelmed by things, things were gloomy and unexciting. Everyone expected me to have things all figured out.

Hey! Why should you even be depressed when you have rich parents and everything you need? But these things didn’t ease or address how I felt so worthless like one just existing or why I didn’t want to live anymore and feeling so unhappy.

Worse still, when I tried to explain to my mum she didn’t understand. She could only tell me to pray it out because it could only be demonic. Yet, I put up a bold, cheerful look in public, hey, I have to keep up appearances, but for how long?

Sometimes I thought I knew what’s wrong. Sometimes  I liked to think it’s because my friends were doing way better than I was. But then I wasn’t doing so bad myself when I looked at me. However, I couldn’t help but feel that I was nothing with such emptiness to my bones!

I felt like drowning and I was struggling to stay afloat. I tried not to overthink but I ended up doing just that. I couldn’t even talk to my friends, because they would be like “guy, na man you be, wetin be depression? Man up jare“

But then, I was just always tired and I didn’t want to live, not like how I felt at least. No one really understood me.

For me, it felt like being stuck underneath a glass floor, screaming and banging on it trying to get the attention of the rest of the world going on with their lives. The problem was that no one could hear me or even knew that I was trapped there.

Depression is real, in other parts of the world it’s taken seriously and given the attention it deserves. You may have heard of read about seemingly happy people taking their own lives due to depression.

People may not be showing enough care or listening at all, especially in this part of the world. Have we become so insensitive that it’s even hard for someone to reveal how they really feel?

Remember, if you ever feel this way, you are not alone. God cannot give you more than you can handle. You are capable beyond measure. Spend time with friends and family, don’t be a loner.

Find and join a loving church where you can also pick one person you can trust and speak with, don’t deal with it on your own. Above all, cast your cares upon the Lord, He will sustain you.

WhiteOlive cares and you are not alone “We need you to survive “

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