Depression’s Paradigm Shift

Doesn’t it feel like in the moment you need them the most, that’s when your friends desert you? Having the weight of the world on your shoulder, certain that only bad things wait around the corner for you, and they sleep on your troubles. The very same friends that once called on you when they faced troubled waters, the friends that you helped not drown in their storms. Those friends scatter at the first sight of the soldiers of depression that came to seize and crucify you.

It may seem like your situation is new, but someone went through the exact same thing over 2000 years ago. It’s not that he was soft, or weak minded, and didn’t understand that life was a series of ups and downs. Like you it’s not like he didn’t prepare his mind to weather the storm. It’s not like he didn’t pray that God should deliver him. It was hell, and the only way to get past it, was to go through it.

The question is, what’s keeping you going? For this person we speak of, it was love. Not the love people had for him, but the love he had for people. Even though these same people would spit on his face and even go as far as demand for his death. He still paid the ultimate sacrifice for them. Because he understood that this is love, not that people love you, but that you love them first. It seems counterproductive, but just try it and see. If your shoes hurt, then walk in someone else’s shoes. The monsters under your bed can’t torment you if you’re helping someone else make theirs. And sometimes the safest place to keep your heart, is not within your chest, but someone else’s. You may not have the power to fix your problems, but it’s very therapeutic when you selflessly help someone else fix theirs.

This doesn’t mean become a staircase, helping people along while you stay stagnant. To be a ladder people look up to, you have to reach the top of their pit. That means don’t stop aspiring to be better, or pretend that your problems don’t exist. Fix what you can, and save what you can’t by being charitable to others. Goodness will bounce off them and back to you, with such force that your problems will be smashed. Even if that doesn’t happen you’ll sleep with a smile on your face because you helped put a smile on someone else’s.

Just ask Jesus. When He came around 2000 years ago, He showed us, that you can suffer, you can go down to the deepest dungeons of hell, but you’ll always rise and ascend into heaven, if only you love.

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  1. One of the ways to get out of depression is to get involved in something that takes the focus of you and your issues and shifts it to helping others.

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