Desires Granted

Biola’s joy knew no bounds as she clutched the letter of employment to her chest. She’s to resume almost immediately and it was indeed what she had prayed for.

Nine months ago, she started internship in an company. Though the program was for 4 months and ended in January, she did not want to leave the place due to the high level of unemployment in the country. She spoke with the HR Manager of the company who advised her to hang around for any opportunity. She was surprised when the company recruited new employees and she was not considered for any position even though she was qualified.

Biola felt demotivated and ready to quit. She however sought counsel from her pastor. He told her to wait until she gets another job. She turned the desire for a job into a specific prayer request for the job she wanted and type of salary to go with it – 6 figure salary. July started on a rough note for her as a second wave of recruitment had no position for her to be considered. She felt ashamed and inadequate especially considering the time she had spent in the company and the skills she had acquired.

She made up her mind to leave at the end of the month of July due to the feelings of inadequacy she was experiencing; she however continued to cry out to God for a breakthrough. And just like the Psalmist prayed, “I sought the Lord and he heard my cry” (Psalm 34:4). God answered her prayers from his holy hill. In the second week of July, a company she had previously applied for a job called her and requested her to resume immediately.

Psalm 37:4 came to life as God granted her the desires of her heart. The new job came with a six digit salary!!

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