Diary Of A Working-Class Voter 2

Last week was epic, as we walked, strolled or were dragged to our polling units to vote. I did mention my argument with my CFO and what was at stake – bragging rights; to keep our egos intact, I won’t tell you who won. One thing is for sure, it was worth the intellectual exercise.

This Saturday, there’s another important election coming up. Probably more important to me than the first because it determines how high or low my taxes will be in the next 4 years. You might think that it’s trivial, but wait till you have to pay more for more or less infrastructure. Who knows what these people will come up with?

Alas! I have put the cart before the horse. Let me go back to what we know, which is the basis for this…

The last four years have been interesting; as bridges went up, so did the trash piles; as terminals were being built and launched, so did our cost of living skyrocket. Not that I entirely blame the government; but if the cost of living goes up due to inflation; and my salary goes down due to taxation… who do I turn to for an explanation?

We celebrate and call the press when a Local Government Chairman digs a borehole, and we cheer (really loudly) when a political office holder decides to give back to the society; Uncle (don’t be angry oh) but whose money is s/he spending/giving back? Yeah, remember your last payslip, that tax element? That’s where it went!

Some might say ‘at least we can see some of the work done’ – roads, terminals and so on. I agree. Then we should all be thankful to our colleagues for coming to work. In case you missed the sarcasm, it’s their job! Before you get defensive, compare your state’s income to the work being done and let’s talk then.

I heard something about a certain movement called ‘It’s enough’ (direct translation). Well, good or bad idea? Not sure how to feel about it; whether they are made up of Bourdillon elements or indigenous groups; the battle for the ‘soul’ of the state is real.

If you are into umbrellas or brooms, clocks or cassava; just ensure you go to the polls with your eyes wide open; vote your conscience, ‘cos I sure will. A better state is what I would like to see. A level of development that is commensurate to the size of my tax would be a good place to start.

If you end up in my polling unit, please say hi. Maybe we can celebrate the victory of meritocracy over aristocracy!

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