Distracted By Distractions

Good day, career professionals. Today on #TieTuesday, we’re dealing with distractions that can make a mess of your speed and upward trajectory at work.

Distractions are everywhere. In our homes, on the way to the office and even at work itself. They are part of our daily lives and though they don’t appear as distractions, they steal out of our productive hours.

A distraction is whatever breaks your focus; anything that takes your attention away from the task at hand. All manner of things can be a distraction to a career professional, from family to hands-on technology like your phone. These distractions negatively impact our productivity and the volume & quality of our deliverables, leading to overtime and carry-overs. Because time is a limited resource, we often find it difficult to accomplish all our desired tasks within a given period.

Here are a few of those distractions:
Receiving phone calls while at an important task especially those from friends and family.
Office romance is neither here nor there, but it gives other people something to talk about and is a major distraction; be careful.
Personal money issues can be a big distraction for many professionals; especially if you can’t pay your bills. Get your finances under control.
Devoting time to Facebook & YouTube during office hours is a No-No and is detrimental to your productivity.
Reduce office gist; it steals time.
Reduce phone calls during office hours, especially unproductive ones.
Personal shopping and online entertainment is a waste of productive hours and unfair to your employer.
Never forget that time is money.

Until you attach a value to your time, you’ll never appreciate its value. If you are not otherwise occupied, please take up an online course that will develop your skills on the job.

Beware of distractions and do all you can to manage your time effectively and deliver your tasks excellently at work. Do have a productive day.

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