Divine Intervention

God has indeed been good to my family and I, and the year 2018 saw me enjoy divine intervention in different dimensions.

In September 2018, God delivered my son from a disaster that could have caused pain and stress to the family.

My wife, who’s a caterer, had received orders and had gone out. Later on, I also had to leave home. My four-year-old son actually locked the door behind me, saying “Daddy, bye”.

A few minutes later, my neighbours called me to say that my son had jumped from the balcony of our one-storey building apartment! I was confused as I drove back home in a terrible state of mind.

On getting home, God calmed my fears. My son was standing on his two feet. He didn’t look like anything happened to him. God indeed protected him; Angels held him and landed him gently on the ground from the height he jumped.

We took him to the hospital and no bone was broken. He was in perfect health. In fact, he woke up hale and healthy the following day and also went to school.

I also thank God for helping me start another stream of income. He used the most unlikely source to intervene in my case, financially.

I have a client who lives abroad and I, fortunately, gained her trust by returning the cash left with me after I purchased some things we needed to carry out a particular project on her behalf.

She came to Lagos late last year and I picked her up at the airport with a friend’s car which he uses for Uber. She liked the idea of Uber and I also explained to her that my car was bad and may not be good enough for Uber business.

A few days later, she asked me if I liked the car she drives around town whenever she is in Nigeria. The car was worth N3.2 million and she was willing to release it at a very good price.

I couldn’t meet up with the initial deposit she requested for; business was really bad that month as all my clients cancelled every prior business contract I had with them.

Little did I know that it was an avenue for God to show me His goodness again in another dimension. She called and asked me to go pick up the car and spread the payment as conveniently as I desired.

Even as I drove back home as the new proud car owner, I knew it could only be God. My son is healthy, business is smooth and we ascribe all glory to God.

God is faithful, a provider, as well as a protector. In Isaiah 46:11 (NIV), He says “From the east, I summon a bird of prey; from a far-off land, a man to fulfill my purpose. What I have said, that I will bring about; what I have planned, that I will do”.

He’ll call forth your helpers! Don’t forget to send your testimonies to testimony@whiteolive.org

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