Divine Repositioning

We all deserve ‘Divine Repositioning’ read Tolu’s story and revive your faith as we believe we will be sharing your story soon!

My life was almost perfect. I mean, positive people like me expect the best in corporate mergers but I got the worse of it. I was the head of HR in my establishment, I had the upper hand in recruitment and staff solutions. A role I loved and carried with pride, but as the merger happened, I got misplaced; I got demoted. As a faithful Christian, I took it in good fate.

Then a shocker came after a while, a shocker I didn’t expect from my new line manager. Periodic performance appraisal at my work place had started & I was expectant to have a positive appraisal.

One of the 5 things I wrote as my hearts’ desire during WhiteOlive’s quarterly prayer service in March 2017 was promotion at my work place. So it was a big shocker that I was rated differently from what I expected, I was rated lower than usual. I suspected foul play. I believed there was a set-up against a favorable appraisal for me, the quality of my work had never been in doubt. #Result of my performance appraisal didn’t turn out so well, but I kept working & trusting God.

One day, I felt like visiting LinkedIn, a professional site just to look it up and update my profile. There, I saw a message from a friend about a job opening since February and this was March.

With faith, I applied and was invited for a series of interviews which I attended with optimism. To the glory of God, in the month of April I was handed my promotion letter to a new role & level. A much bigger company, high perks, higher role – Head of HR & Admin, higher salary and I resumed last week.

It indeed was the hand of God, He is truly faithful because He qualifies the unqualified. I am holding on to Him to answer the outstanding prayer points I wrote out at that wonderful service in March.

This is Tolu’s beautiful story and I bet she has touched a life today to believe in God’s miraculous ways. Why don’t you send yours now? Email us at testimony@whiteolive.org

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