Divine Settlement

We relocated to Canada as permanent residents in the middle of June 2018. Here, it is EXTREMELY hard to get a rented apartment without a high ‘credit score’, even if you have all the cash in the world! It’s ironic and a vicious cycle because it takes time to build a high credit score especially as we hadn’t been here up to 3 months. You have to APPLY to be granted a lease to an apartment – (na you go pay rent o, it’s not free). There are a ton of documents you need to submit and you’d still be at the mercy of building owners. It was a tough 2 months, I literally had seen/visited at least 60 apartments and made countless calls and submitted about 8 applications.

So, here’s what Jehovah over-do did! The Lord had miraculously provided my husband with a good but temporary job that was great as a reference and we added that to the documents we could submit. I got a job offer in writing (though I knew I wasn’t going to take it) which also proved to be great for reference and documentation. The real double-edged miracle was that we got approved for an apartment and a car that we really liked the same day (a Wednesday in August)!

I saw the apartment on Tuesday via responding to a post on FB marketplace and after visiting once, I knew that was it and supernaturally, the manager liked me. God then expedited both lease agreements for the apartment and car and gave us amazing favour where it was totally obvious that ordinarily, the system and its rules were stacked against us.

It was amazing how the ‘influencers’ for both the car financing and house lease carried our name and matter on their heads to the decision makers – recommending, going the extra mile, making phone calls, doing favours. All the equipment and fixtures in the house are completely brand new, though the building itself is old. This all translated to bigger rooms and spaces.

The kind of school I earnestly desired for my daughter and which also had a really great daycare for my toddler is literally 2mins away. As in, right across the street and in the same compound! God made spaces for both of them to enrol within 24hrs because a day before, the administrators said there was no space! Just to crown it all, as we took delivery of the car the night before, the funds for my husband’s post-graduate course was paid the very next morning which enabled us to prepare the 3-months advance deposit required for the house AND sign the lease for the house.

All within the space of 4 days, EVERYTHING – house, car, schools and funding was SETTLED. Everything was just working out sharply in quick succession, glory to God!

Has God been good to you in this dimension or maybe you are trusting God for a similar breakthrough? Tap into this testimony as a point of contact and don’t forget to send us your testimony too.

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