Don’t Just Say it, Live It

Easter has come and gone. Jesus has paid our debts in full. He lived in grace, love and kindness. It was through his exemplary life and that of his disciples that the word “Christian” was coined. Are you truly a Christian? Are you the type of person that makes the unchurched want to know God or are you the reason your neighbour or colleague would rather remain unchurched because if the way you treat people or how you behave is how Christians are, they would rather remain unchurched?

Let’s talk about you for a minute, what is Christianity to you? We are not talking about being able to quote the Bible inside out. No, it’s not about your personal relationship with your pastor, nor is it because you serve in several units in your church or because you are an amazing chorister. We are talking about the characteristics of a true Christian. Ooooh and it’s not because you don’t relate with the unchurched, nor being a Judge Judy.

Jesus was kind, he had no special clique, he didn’t gossip, he ate with the poor and rich and alike. He even washed the feet of his disciples (no one is asking you to do that, but then again why can’t you?) just saying 🤷‍♀… Have you gone out of your way to be kind to that stranger you see every day?? Or do you just go on about “Jesus said this Jesus said that”. Do you, sometimes, ask them how they feel, are they happy? If they have eaten? “You look sad today hope all is well with you?”

No, it’s not always about money. Sometimes, that person just needs to talk to someone, someone to listen. Kindness comes in different forms, it could be lending a listening ear, wearing that good smile God gave you. It could be a hug. Have ever been so strongly led troubled in your spirit to hold someone’s hand and pray with them or pray for them in your heart because you felt it strongly in your spirit?

The world is already hard as it is. Yes, we don’t have time, everyone is dealing with stuff but we, as Christians, should serve as a cushion to others from life’s harsh blows. There’s this song… “whatsoever you do, to the least of my brothers, that you do unto to me”. I bet you know the song as well; let’s bring humanity back.

People are already forgetting what it is to be human, we try so hard not show feelings or emotions but depression is real, mental illness kills more and more people everyday, drug abuse and cult clashes are everyday news.

Be intentional, because, whether we realize it or not, we leave an impact everyday for better or worse. Everything we do affects those around us in little or big ways, it can either enrich or drain their lives. Learn to show genuine love and kindness even when it is not reciprocated. That strong sister might not be so strong, that quiet brother is slowly losing his will to live.

Talk to people, interact, smile, I don’t mean people of your class. No, those ones that nobody sees, the ones that can’t return the favour.

What kind of difference are you making? You can make a difference in the world, in that small space, in your office or your place of residence, make a commitment to making an impact. Everywhere you turn, there’s hate, greed and man’s wickedness to man.
Let’s bring back love, let’s be the ones to bridge the gap, be the difference you seek, it starts with you, not with your pastor, not because he said you should, but because you are a Christian first and that’s what Jesus would want you to do.

Don’t be so carried away by the gift of Spirit that you forget the fruits of Spirit. A prophet that lacks the fruits of the Spirit has no place in heaven. Be Christlike in all your dealings. Be intentionally extraordinary. You are entirely responsible for living in a way that shows others who you truly are and what you truly believe. Not because of the church you attend, nor because of your pastor.

You are responsible for you. Live your life with intent and let the difference you make be your signature.

What can you do intentionally to make a significant difference today?

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