Don’t Let The World Burn

This will not be motivational. This will get dark, very dark. Because the world is a dark place, and no matter how we try to hide behind the curtains of church, community and family, that darkness is still there, lurking in the shadows. The truth is until we shine a light on the darkness, we can never defeat it.

In Abuja, women have and are being sexually harassed by Policemen. Your government will apologize, say they’ll look into it, and that will be the end of that. Your life goes on. But not the innocent girl, who reportedly, just wanted to reconcile with her boyfriend. She was a virgin you see, and she was standing by her virtue. She was just taking a walk to the next street when your public servants in black uniforms stopped her. Accused her of being a prostitute, and raped her. Moments later, she committed suicide. In your mind that probably translates to – ‘stupid girl, she’s going to hell’. Or maybe you’re a little better, and you’ll say ‘It’s only God that will help us in this country’ which is Christianese for ‘I don’t understand what God meant by me having dominion over the earth, and I’m perfectly alright with Satan destroying lives as long as it isn’t one of my mine.’ You’ll say ‘may she rest in peace’, and chalk it up to just another isolated incident. But what about our youth? Yes, the ones you let your president call “lazy”. They’re dropping like flies every day, committing suicide.

But what do you care? You’re an upstanding citizen and Christian. You pay your tithes, you pay your taxes and you even do charity whenever you can. As long as the problem doesn’t come to your doorstep, or stop you on the road, you don’t care. You’re taking care of you and yours, isn’t that all that matters?

Besides, even Apostle isn’t saying or doing anything about it. Apostle has given you the perfect priority list. Build more churches, buy more cars and make more trips to the orphanage. And look, the fact is that Christians and Christian institutions are responsible for most of the philanthropy that takes place worldwide. But the question is, why are we only there after the fact? We don’t show up for the girl before she gets abused, we show up after she’s been victimized, buy her nice clothes and tell her God loves her. Every 4 years we watch a bunch of people run for the presidency. We stand on our church and workplace pulpits and tell our congregation to vote for the right person, knowing very well that there is no right person running, at least none that will actually win. And what about the Senate and House of Assembly? We show up to condemn the Yahoo boy but don’t show up when he’s hungry on the street because there are no jobs. We tell the suicidal person that ‘where there is life there is hope’. But we’re only telling them the half-truth because where there is life and hope in this Nigeria, there’s also suffering.

Jesus said, “My peace I give unto you”. And we’ve watered that down to mean living quietly behind our Pickett fences. Meanwhile, Jesus was always at peace but he was never comfortable. He was always in the face of injustice and oppression. He threw himself at it. We need to stop being reactive and start being more proactive about how we are impacting the world. Instead of sending relief to Haiti. How about we invest in hurricane-proof infrastructure for those areas? Instead of asking corrupt men to do the right things, how about we not let corrupt men rule in the first place (by volunteering ourselves). The dominion God expects you to have in life is far beyond living a comfortable life. Unbelievers have that. It’s beyond living a rich life. Unbelievers have that. It’s beyond having a happy family. Unbelievers have that too. It’s about changing the world around us for the better.

Judges 2 vs 16 AMP says: “But the Lord raised up judges, who delivered them out of the hands of those who robbed them”. The Nigerian people are being robbed, every day, in broad daylight, by the very people that are supposed to protect them. And you, the Lord’s chosen. What exactly are you doing about it? Please don’t say ‘prayer’. How long will you keep praying for things that you are the answer to?

Maybe you think the Body of Christ can continue like this. Lock ourselves behind our nice little communities. Let the world burn for all we care, we’ll see the smoke, inhale it, breathe it out, feel sorry for them and keep moving on. But as science will tell you, second-hand smokers are at even greater risk of cancer.

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  1. Thank you pastor Tunde, this is great sir. Some of us understand this, we make attempt by doing something and the ones we taught will understand what we are doing, criticize us, run us down some even from the pulpit. And like a snail some of us are quick to run back into our shell. But never again. My identity has been re-defined. Thank you once again for the sure word God bless your ministry.

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