Don’t Lose Your Confidence

Nothing in life is achieved without some measure of trust & confidence in one’s self.

The environment we were born into & grew up in impacts our self confidence directly but, at some point in life, we must overcome those limitations and build the required attitude & skills to succeed.

Self confidence is a mindset & skill that is built in one’s self & mastered over a period of time.

I remember when I was planning to get investors for expansion of my business. I needed a young, smart & confident professional who could work with my team to package the proposal & the entire deal.

So a guy was recommended. I called him up & fixed an appointment at a nearby restaurant for the first meeting. I had rescheduled the appointment twice because something always came up. So this particular day, I was determined to keep the appointment no matter what.

My first concern was that he arrived 20 minutes late without apologies and then he came with his partners. Yes, he had sent a message that he’ll be coming with them but as soon as I saw them, I knew they weren’t fit for the job. They didn’t exude the kind of confidence I was looking for, how first impression matters?!

They appeared shabbily dressed & unkempt. He even looked better than his partners. Maybe if he showed up alone I would have considered him, but come on, these were his partners.

Your partner reflects you. He or she is a reflection of your business values & what you represent.

Of course, we didn’t strike a deal, from his output, I concluded he didn’t have the capacity or the confidence that was required for the task & I wasn’t ready to bungle my opportunities in life.

Your capacity & character shows up in your choice of partners & on the job. That’s where it is known whether you’re lazy, hardworking or sloppy. The knowledge & skill you display in the delivery of your job & everything you do, often impacts your confidence.

Of course, there are other very skilled & knowledgeable professionals in your industry. They act as our healthy competition but you owe yourself a responsibility to step up your game. To exude confidence, show excellence and be a master at what you do.

Someone reminded me recently that God used very skilled professionals in building the tabernacle in the old testament in the Bible. You don’t come to the palace dressed & thinking like a pauper. You need some measure of confidence in yourself & your abilities.

Now, how do you build your self confidence?

  1. Look into the Word of God & believe what God says about you.
  2. Begin to act the part.
  3. Take care of your self esteem.
  4. Look good & dress well for your destiny. Looking good is good business.
  5. Speak assertively & knowledgeably.
  6. Get training, enlighten yourself in your field of interest.
  7. Finally think and act positively

4 thoughts on “Don’t Lose Your Confidence”

  1. Adewale Adeyemi

    Love this article. It’s just the message I needed at this present moment in my life.
    Thanks WhiteOlive.

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