Don’t Panic, Keep Calm, Be Aware, Be Safe!

Panic has killed more people than whatever caused the panic. Take for instance in January 27th 2002, we were going about our daily chores when we heard bombs go off.

Due to poor communication, we panicked and lost over 1000 lives that day. The bomb itself killed about 300 people, mostly soldiers and their families, destroyed houses, windows and caused a fire. However, the panic killed over 600 people.

Corona Virus is upon us but it is not a time for panic and fear. This is the time to be more cautious about our way of living. Eat healthily, exercise regularly, go for a checkup, treat whatever is wrong and live healthily.

Stop excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, binging and snacking on unhealthy meals. Cut down on salt, oily food, fries and red meat.

Meditate often, build your spirituality. There is nothing that can build a positive attitude more than spirituality. It keeps you in a state of awareness, caution and peace.

Take time out now to read your Bible often, pray and have a quiet time with your maker.
Note that if you get the virus, you will need God more to ensure you don’t panic but beat it to recovery.

So stay positive, believe that you can beat it whether you get it or not just keep healthy, take vitamins and immune boosters. No work so you will be stress-free.

Be aware of what is going on in the world and our country Nigeria. Read and surf the net often for facts. You can get the right info from #CNN #BBC #FOX and from Nigeria #Channels TV or online, NCDC Twitter handle and The Punch. They carry the latest news and facts.

Don’t live on your Whatsapp and believe everything shared there. Wash your hands often and leave the lather for at least 20seconds before you rinse it off.
Carry sanitizer with you so if you can’t wash your hands, you use it.

Use it after entering a commercial bus, use it after touching public places like a staircase in a mall or at the office, market stalls, entering and leaving a cab, using an ATM and so on.

Clean your house appliances like the remote, Iron, charger, laptop plus things like doorknobs, toilet flushing handle etc., things you know more than one person use; clean them often with alcohol-based cleaners or with spirit.

Drink plenty of water and if you have a cough, soak lemon in warm water and drink. Isolate yourself and if you get worse, call 080097000010 it’s toll-free meaning you don’t need credit to make the call.

Also, watch the video by our lead pastor, Pastor Tunde Adisa. He shared life tips on how to manage the current lockdown with your children. It is enlightening and uplifting. Do watch.

Stay safe this period, @iamwhiteolive we pray and believe that this is a sign from God to manifest Himself and bring us all to the awareness of the end of times. So keep calm, you will be okay if you keep body and soul healthy!

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