Dreams And Purpose

TEXT: Genesis 37:5-9 (MSG)

A young man was seeing things in his dreams, they seemed impossible, God knows how many dreams he’d had. But on two specific occasions, they were not ordinary dreams like the rest. Years later he found out that there’s a connection between his dreams and his purpose.
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We have many dreams but only one is needed. Many focus on night dreams, seeking interpretation from different sources but fail to pay attention to the one dream they need to fulfil purpose. It’s the reason why despite Saul being made king, he didn’t understand purpose. He lost it and started seeking witches and sorcerers.

Dreams are made of unrealistic stuff. If it’s realistic, then it’s not a dream (Hebrews 11:3). God’s raw materials for creation are invisible. Words, Thoughts, Imagination, Purpose are the real creation raw materials (Genesis 1:2-3; Psalms 92:5). Remember that great works are products of deep thinking and thoughts are very powerful. Your dreams do have capacity to come to pass. Dreams can grow like seeds planted in the ground.

Dreams have capacity to draw on the resources of life to produce the material equivalent of the copy in its DNA. Immense power comes with aligning with purpose. There’s grace, provision, favour and help in the place of purpose. Check out everything God created you will see purpose all. As complicated as the universe is, you’ll see order and purpose in the ecosystem (Ecclesiastes 3:1). So there’s a purpose for you when HE designed and conceived you in love. When your entire mind is focussed on survival or pleasure, you’ll lose sight of the real life. You can also miss purpose in your career.

You might be asking yourself, HOW SHALL THIS THING BE?

There is a possibility that you’re trying to survive but that dream career may not be your purpose. Jesus was a carpenter before He started his purpose. He stood in the temple and said “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me” (Luke 4:18). To align with your purpose, please resolve any identity issue (Genesis 1:26-28). When your passion and purpose come together, your destiny happens. Destiny is where we find our reward.

The world and the church benefit from anyone living in purpose. Our communities are in a mess because many are out of their purpose. Everybody is doing everyone else’s’ job. Building Israel as a nation was deliberate and purposeful. God gave them a template. When people live in purpose, society is better. Purposeful people don’t allow poverty, sickness, corruption in the communities because they found their purpose.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams and pursue it. Live for your purpose. Your purpose isn’t about you, it’s about “service”. Don’t pick up one thing and drop it for another because of lack of purpose. Don’t assume that people who seem better than you live more privileged lives than yours. Many of these people are purpose driven. When faced with issues, some go for clutches while others wings and fly above the issues.

We see in Genesis 39:1-2 that, though Joseph was a slave, on the inside, he was successful and his physical circumstances caught up with the internal journey.

Note that the harder the situation the bigger the dream (Genesis 37) – the dream will alter your identity and define who you arw.

In order to achieve your dreams and purpose:

  1. Write down your dominant thoughts, it’s the first opportunity the idea has to make contact with the physical world
  2. Develop the gift required for implementing the idea
  3. Be the best at it
  4. Like Joseph, serve faithfully and maximize every opportunity that comes your way
  5. There are no small opportunities in life; your current opportunity is your best opportunity.

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