Ekundayo’s Funding Strategy

You are definitely wondering about the substance of the topic, trying to figure out what Ekundayo is up to again… Ekundayo is a shrewd business woman who has improvised and strategized in the past few months to meet her business needs. She so far appears to be mastering her strategy and it’s becoming quite fun for her.

Ekundayo has tried the conventional that had seemed to be the only way. She has learned all kinds of terms and conditions to getting a loan to finance her business. She has been asked for everything short of producing a cow’s egg to secure a direly needed facility. The last straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back was Ekundayo’s inability to get a personal guarantor.

However, that straw also turned out to be a blessing for her as it opened a pearly gate into a whole new vista of opportunities. It turned out that she could get some soft loan from her brother who was tied down with his daily 8-6 schedule. But Ekundayo, bless her responsible heart, was, without her brother asking, eager to make strong commitments to her brother. She promised him a substantial margin as interest on the repayment with specific deadlines to meet her repayment obligations to him.

Ekundayo adorned herself with the garb of responsibility and determined in herself not to fail her home and external customers in the transaction at hand. Ekundayo’s funding challenges may be your story at the moment or you have actually been deterred from carrying on with a particular business project as a result of lack of funds. But one truth you should know is that there is ample resources around you to leverage on for economic benefits.

You are most likely to thrive exponentially by harnessing the myriad of resources around you in a resourceful way. Don’t be a cap-in-hand give me, give me expert. Or have hand me downs ever made one rich? The only challenge with such synergy that Ekundayo’s tapped into is the integrity of the borrower to apply the borrowed funds judiciously and be faithful to the lender.

Do not have the great idea of borrowing from a compassionate family or friend only to satisfy selfish and unprofitable ventures of whatever form. Don’t run away after borrowing. Prioritize and focus on ensuring that the borrowed funds work for you and yield good returns before the due date for repayment. Ensure that there is tangible interest accruing for the lender of the money, even if not earlier agreed. Let wisdom guide you.

Take the place of a fruitful and faithful servant, after all it’s someone else’s money and both you and the borrower have need for profit. Maintain that lender as a strategic partner and always appreciate his/her support no matter how successful you become. You may never have broken through without that financial push from him/her.

Life is actually about synergies and collaborations. Never take these for granted. The bank that asked you to get the camel through the eye of a needle yesterday will beg you to come through their pearly gates when you harness your resources right.

When you maintain the right attitude with people, help will be just for your asking. When you have a viable business venture/idea, you may borrow to implement but ensure with everything in you and your honour to pay back handsomely

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