Elevated Love – Interactive

Q: Can you give love if you have never experienced it?
Ans: God is love; and since we are all created in His image, we all have the capacity to give love. However, our experiences shape our ability to give love. What are your thoughts?

Q: Is love ONLY demonstrated by giving?
Ans: You can give without loving, but you can’t love without giving. Giving might be in the form of your time, resources or invested emotions.

Q: Can love, sometimes, be a burden?
Ans: Yes! There are people who are ‘free-loaders’ who only want to take from you, you need to speak with these people and lovingly show them how to grow and become independent.

Q: What do you do when you keep giving love, but getting negativity?
Ans: You have to continually show love, even when it is difficult. Because the love of Christ is unconditional. The love of God compels us to express love to both the ‘deserving’ and the ‘undeserving’. However, execute love with wisdom!

Q: How do you deal with hypocritical love?
Ans: Love and hypocrisy do not go in the same sentence. Love cannot be hypocritical; there are people who show eye-service, hypocrisy and are #fake, for those people, if you can, confront them and have a conversation about it.

In summary, love is woven into the fabric of our being, we are gods after all. However, the way we show love can be tainted or enhanced by our experiences. Everybody can show love, but the only way to achieve the highest level of love is to connect with the God who is love.

“Anything you do outside of God’s love is dead works. God’s love breathes life into our works/actions”.

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  1. Awesome service!
    Anyone who doesn’t know God cannot love because God is love .God cannot be separated from love

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