Elevated Love

TEXT: Philippians 1:9-11

It’s been an avalanche of disasters in our nation in recent days. Unfortunately, none of these was a natural disaster, but the result of a lack of love and value for human life. It’s easy to say, I am not part of the issue because we consider “wickedness” in light of our personal interpretation of what is evil. Witchcraft, armed robbery, terrorism, rape etc. are considered as wickedness. (James 4:16-17 MSG) John The Baptist message was crude, but it was the truth they needed at that time.

We have some noticeable extremes in our Christianity, viz:

  • Religious: they emphasize subjective physical feelings (singing hymns, clapping, dressing etc.) and void of sound theological doctrine.
  • Those who emphasize so much on knowledge of the word and good doctrine but lack biblical love (Matthew 25:41-46)
  • Those who are too spiritual, they neglect the reality of human needs and frailty and lack empathy. They operate under the illusion that Jesus never had interaction with real people here on earth, In fact, they believe God is not interested in the people of the world (Mark 12:28-34). Love is the fulfillment of the Law, in fact it is the greatest commandment.

Christians are expected to express love in the following ways:

  1. LOVE GOD AND HIS KINGDOM: It’s an obligation you are morally and legally bound to fulfill. Seek Ye first… (Matthew 6:33). Heaven is a location but the kingdom of heaven a government/system/ sphere of influence. We are not designed to live in heaven in our clay body. Local churches are not the kingdom, it’s in the heart of man. The church is a part of it. When you change kingdoms, you must change your mindset to function effectively in the kingdom.
    We have to changed our mindset (Matthew 3:2; 4:17) repent for the kingdom of heaven is here… Repent is from the Greek word “Metanoyo” (think differently or change your ways or turn around. Not to feel bad about what we’ve done). Thinking is involved because humans are driven by their thought process. You can feel bad and not change your ways, the message wasn’t about feeling bad (Deuteronomy 6:4-9; 8:18).
    Different countries operate different constitutions. You can’t use your constitution in another country. You can’t spend Naira in South Korea, you need the “Won” as legal tender there.
  2. LOVE PEOPLE: The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37). Self-love is corrupt, it cannot fulfill God’s purpose. David served his generation (Acts 13:36). He did amazing things for Israel and people. You can’t truly serve or pastor or minister without loving people. Self love is the reason God had a problem with the prosperous man in Luke 12:19. The organization you work for is solving problems for people, institutions, countries… all are people inclined. Jesus loved a man for keeping the law but he wasn’t people focused.
  3. LOVE YOUR COUNTRY: God expects our loyalty to our nation. There’s a reason why you are a Nigerian & there is a reason why He allowed you in some positions. (Job 12:23, Psalm 22:28, 1 Peter 2:3, Romans 13:1-2). All nations are setup by God for a purpose. The book of Chronicles catalogues different Kings that reigned in Israel and Judah. Don’t forget Christianity came here through missionaries. Bearing this in mind, we can’t afford to be part of the problem.
    If we are deliberate and sensitive to God’s leading, and passionate about a cause, He will unleash great things through us. Entrepreneurship, Professionalism, governance, etc are all ways of showing love for country. Don’t abuse power and privileges of office.

Finally, nothing changes in our world if people are not willing to live in God’s kind of love. Jesus said in Luke 6:32-36, If you love those who love you, you haven’t done anything spectacular. Our world will remain the same without people willing to make sacrifices. Such communities, families, nations and businesses eventually disintegrate. The more you get intimate with God, the more He gives you revelations that give you capacity for love like God. We see the way God sees. You can’t be a stranger to your destiny when you love in these three dimensions.

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