Eminem’s Kamikaze: Fate Vs Faith

Last week the real Slim Shady dropped a surprise album titled Kamikaze. And while you hid your excitement from your WhatsApp contacts who believe you don’t listen to secular music, the twitterverse went abuzz with excitement. Naturally we see all news as good news. So here’s the gospel truth in Eminems new album.

Curse words, misogyny, boastfulness, all the things we wish we could preach to Marshal Mathers about, but beneath it all is a Biblical principle we can get behind. The idea that you don’t have to settle for the cards life has dealt you. Calvinists believe in the idea that God has predestined all things to be. Essentially that your fate is set in stone, and there’s nothing you can do to change it, but is this really true?

Last year Eminem’s album Revival was critically panned, and as a rapper in his 40’s in this era of Drake and Migos, fate would suggest Eminem was washed up. The rap god seemed doomed to perish like a mortal man, but did Eminem accept fate? Absolutely not, he came back with a stronger product than he did the last time, latching onto the idea that the latter wine is always the sweetest. He potentially joins the ranks of the Jay Zs (yes yes, we know you don’t know who these people are) who have managed classics late in their careers. If Eminem who is by most accounts an unbeliever can overcome certain defeat, then how much more can you who has the power of the Holy Spirit beating beneath your chest?

We know what the problem is. Like Eminem haters your neighbourhood Prophet has convinced you that not only is God the author of your days, but God has also decided that your story would be a tragedy. The ills in your life are a result of sin, and behind those village people pursing you is God Himself pulling the strings. After all Satan is God’s errand boy, and nothing bad can happen without God allowing it. Your local prophet is wrong and a little right. God does indeed allow all sorts of things to happen, but it is only in respect of mankind’s freewill. He doesn’t make them happen, or necessarily give His stamp of approval.

When God says that He sees the end from the beginning, or that He knew before the foundations of the earth were established those that He would love and those He wouldn’t, or that ‘Jacob have I loved’ and Esau not so much. God is saying that like a weather forecast, He knows rain will fall, He did not cause the rain, He just carried an umbrella and wore rubber boots with a rain coat.

That means God didn’t cause your Mum’s cancer, or your parents divorce or Eminem’s last album to flop (if God had His way, all Eminem albums would probably not even exist). No, God simply made all those bad things work together for good. He adapted to the situation. We know it’s hard to imagine that a sovereign God would have to ‘adapt’ but all it shows is the humility of God, and His Self-Assurance that in the end every knee shall still bow. God isn’t a control-freak, control-freaks act out of insecurity. God is confident that even if a few whales cause a few waves thinking that they are big fish, He doesn’t have to fret because He Himself is the Ocean.

In the NT the question was asked that “who sinned that this man was born blind?” The answer was that neither of his parents sinned, it’s just so that the glory of God will be shown. All this proves is that the bad things you’re going through are an opportunity to see the glory of God. God has no reason to make bad things happen just so He can play the hero. The bible assures us that bad things will happen in our lives because of Adams sin, our advantage in Christ is that it is through our wounds that Gods light comes in. It is God’s will that you walk eternally in divine healing, but if by some fault in faith you fall sick, then it is God’s will that you are healed. It’s a win-win. But the greater win is that you always walk in victory. If God took pleasure in your pain, then pain would exist in heaven, but we know that in paradise we will cry no more tears.

So do not accept fate, unless it lines up with your faith. Generational curses, what people said about you, the bad news your local prophet prophesied and even those negative thoughts you have don’t have to determine your future. You decide. The just shall live by faith, not by fate. Faith ensures that in the end you go down in a blaze of glory, like a kamikaze aeroplane.

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  1. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Life may throw spanners at your works; mud at your feet; fret not, God is in control.
    Still I rise for I have a higher power backing me.

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