Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace

How well we get along with people in the workplace depends on our capacity to manage their expectations. The workplace is an environment where emotional intelligence (EI) is very much required. Except people learn to get along with each other, only little will be achieved by the close of business. Meanwhile, the less an organisation achieves, the more tension is generated within it but it is very important for people to be happy where they spend 37-50% of their time daily. Think about it, we spend more time with colleagues in the workplace daily than with family members.

Emotional intelligence in the workplace is how people, job roles and functions relate in the workplace. Because people behave to the best of their knowledge, Emotional intelligence is very essential in the workplace. Each person who shows up at work has a past, present, and future. There are better ways to relate.

Unfortunately, we were never part of their past and can’t do anything about it, but we’re right in their present. Our past often gets in the way of our present and as such can hinder a great future. People, regardless of their present job descriptions, are simply products of where they’re coming from. Until I have an idea where you’re coming from, it will be difficult for me to perfectly understand you.

Apart from the salary received monthly, one is supposed to derive other fulfillment from the workplace. The workplace is a place where passion and energy find expression through busy hands. While on the job, we have to work with other people in a team or in some form of relationship.

Career experts are becoming more aware and concerned about workplace culture – can it aid personal growth or not?

Incidentally, the workplace is a function of relational dynamics, thus, you and I are determinants of the workplace. Ever seen computer systems fight or machines argue? Of course no! Systems or policies don’t run themselves, humans run them… and humans have emotions.

Improving our Emotional intelligence is the next big-thing that can happen to us. With such improvements, we will watch relational stress with colleagues fly out the window. Start by always giving people the benefit of the doubt. Remember that people make most use of what they have. What people don’t have, they can’t give! As earlier stated, when people have a history of challenges, their experiences usually show up in the present. Also, know that our temperaments are subject to how nature and life experiences have programmed us.

Work on yourself and help others become better too. Remember, you are an influencer & authority. You do exploits even in the workplace

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