Empower Your Team

The doctor walked into his room and said, “I have to put you on a 2-week sick leave”. Femi had gone to the hospital complaining of a sharp pain somewhere around his spine. ‎The nurses had checked his vitasl & were alarmed at some of the results.

Femi was not a regular at hospitals. In fact, he hasn’t been to one in 5 years until this recent pain in the past few days.

“Two weeks?!” he shouted, “what will happen to my business?” Apparently, he runs a very sophisticated ICT firm. ‎He’s been under pressure for a few weeks now because of some projects they needed to deliver. ‎Unfortunately, he’s had issues managing his team because he has had to practically do everything all by himself. ‎Even when he delegates, his micromanaging has often frustrated his potentially effective team leaders.

Truth is, if you’re really serious about running a successful business, you’ll need a team that is motivated and empowered. ‎Hardly will any serious entrepreneur be able to build a great business without the help of a number of talented and motivated individuals to share the burden and make fantastic contributions.

‎An empowered team will achieve amazing feats for the organization. ‎Over time, an entrepreneur is used to making decisions, managing, planning, organizing and fixing every problem, but he/she has to learn to delegate and distribute responsibilities and authorities within the organization.

You’ll have to learn to give away some of your powers to control the outcome of the efforts. Your team has to be given the autonomy to plan, organize, manage and deliver on important projects. But sometimes, this is easier said than done.

The secret – define your team goals and set boundaries for them. Whoever you’re empowering will need all the information necessary and all the support they can get. Allow them to own projects from start to finish and do less micromanaging.

Once in a while, be the coach and mentor on some key projects, that way we build their confidence. Give the permission to take risks, allocate resources, make mistakes and to determine the outcome.

Finally, trust people and believe the best of them. That way, you’ll be an influencer & authority in your business

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