Empowered For Creativity

TEXT: 1 Kings 3:12 , 1 Kings 4:29

To be “empowered” is to be given the power/ability to do. To “create” is to bring into existence that which has never existed before. God created everything and deliberately put seeds inside each creation (Genesis 1:1-3). At creation, creativity was the solution to the problem of chaos and confusion. Creativity is power that produces order out of confusion and chaos. The only creativity, interestingly, that we’ve explored in this part of the world is “procreation”.

Our brain is a network of creativity. From babyhood we were creative at strategies of attracting parental attention, we cried and squirmed sometimes to be attended to. We seem to notice creativity in others more than in ourselves, especially in artistes, musician, and inventors. Just as we notice the grass is greener on the other side.

Creativity may either be good or bad. Do you know that science says we lose our creativity as we grow, especially by the age of 17. Life, time and chance take creativity away from us by force. The first demonstration of creativity happened in Genesis 3, where Adam named everything.

If one may ask “what is the correlation between Christianity and creativity? In Exodus 31:1-10, we see, amazingly, that the term “anointed” is not just reserved for the church. It’s also applicable to people in the vocational world. There are ministry gifts and the gifts of the spirit, these were the ones we’re exposed to while growing in faith (See Romans 12:6-8, 1 Corinthians 12:8-10, Ephesians 4:11-15). But there is also vocational gifts sponsored by God and the Holy Spirit for God’s Kingdom (See Exodus 31:1-10).

There isn’t much difference between what you do in your vocation and what you do for God and His kingdom, see the example of Bezalel. It’s a unified package.

God actually anoints people to be engineers, architects, nurses and doctors, musicians, fashion designers, brand specialists, teachers, cleaners, farmers, marketers, traders, Information Technology experts, dancers, broadcasters, leaders, administrators etc. These anointed influencers and authorities shall manifest new dimensions of signs and wonders in the last days. Because God will confused Satan’s kingdom with these people who are operating in the supernatural dimensions… Kings and Priests (Influencers and Authorities) anointed to fulfil certain dimensions of His kingdom.

We have seen in Exodus how God gave a “brief” to Moses. Moses downloaded it from the supernatural. There had never been a “Tabernacle” before (Hebrews 8:1-5 NIV). So Bezalel and his colleagues were needed by who? By God! (Exodus 31:1-10). What human appraisal system will now appraise Bezalel and his colleagues?

Moses was the prophet, ‎Aaron, the priest, ‎Marian, music minister.

So, Who was ‎Bezalel? He can be described as a type of the new testament minister (Revelations 5:10). These were men and women whose imaginations, faculties were been stirred up to glimpse things only obtainable in the heavens. If we are asking for wealth transfer, this is how it will work. You can’t handle this world using it’s wisdom. See the story of Joseph in Genesis 41:39, and Daniel 2. We will prevail with superiority of ideas, designs, models, solutions, formula, equations and strategies (Exodus 30:34-38).

You were already born with creativity but you need the anointing for the new dimension, for God’s Kingdom (1 Kings 7:13). There are new designs of businesses, artisans, professionals, ministers coming out of the church. They will call you and you will stand before Kings and Presidents. As you continue to exercise your faith and creativity, you will get to supernatural dimensions where no one taught you what is coming out of you except the Holy Spirit.

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