Engulfed In His Love

Sally was so excited. She had over 200 views of the video she posted on social media and counting! Not to talk of positive comments and commendations… it all felt good, no lie. She was thinking of the next post, the next image, what she could write that would garner even more reactions. Sally heard that it would help her personal brand and increase her ‘market value’.

Kachi had told her about KK’s rise to fame, posting provocative videos and pictures that got conversations going. That seemed to be the new way of life now. She saw that bad news, in this case, gossip, scandal and a visibly extravagant lifestyle were the in-thing. It was working for TMA and even turned her into a motivational speaker and role model.

So Sally figured there was a future there. And without a doubt, it was good for her self-esteem. Great to be noticed and appreciated… unlike at home. Her brother shunned her, while mommy kept telling her she was not a woman if she couldn’t get married and produce grandchildren. Dad didn’t even have time for such shenanigans, he was hardly at home. Heaven knew which side chic (young enough to be Sally’s sister) he was with at the moment.

“Oh, how I wish I had someone who really saw me and loved me – good, bad and ugly”, Sally thought. “Am I that terrible?” Let’s not even get into the kinds of men she seemed to be encountering lately. The thought made her tummy do backflips. One was more into her rich family than the ‘richness’ of her personality. Another thought her place was strictly in the kitchen and the ‘other room’ and wives should be seen and not heard.

Then there was David. He had ticked all the boxes for her, but every time she was with him, she felt like she was diminishing. Somehow, her life only revolved around his wants and needs. She felt trapped. Sally tried her best, but being with David gave her the wrong vibes. She was sure this wasn’t the person she should spend her life with; grandbabies for mommy or not!

Temi, Sally’s colleague, had been trying to invite her to this love meeting that happened every Thursday in Yaba, She said she wanted to introduce her to a Lover. That just weirded Sally out – what was that about? But one Thursday, after Temi’s ‘love-nagging’, Sally decided to try it out. She was amazed at the
overwhelming feeling of looooove. PFA (as they called him at this meeting) said “there was NOTHING I could do to make God love me MORE”!

Such an eye-opener!

Sally learnt that she was a daughter of the King, extravagantly loved by Him. She received him into her heart and prayed desperately for a rain of His presence. She wanted to understand and experience Him for herself.

Little by little, the lies of the enemy lost their grip on her soul. Sally realized that she was NOT terrible or unworthy at all. She began to feel secure in His warmth, ravished by His person. Gradually, it was easier for her to make decisions in her career, family, love life and even on social media. His love made the vision clearer, gave her laser-sharp focus and discernment. So liberating!

Is there a Sally out there who feels unlovable? Give the true Lover a chance today… email us at nojudgement@whiteolive.org and let’s talk in an open, honest and confidential atmosphere. We would appreciate your shares and comments, so that this Love Message goes wider and farther. There are Sallys who need this.

Have a great #WomanWednesday!

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