Enjoying Where You Are

“Don’t just pass through the process, let the process pass through you” was a statement he heard a lot while still in the University. That was the admonition normally given to students who lived a triangular life of class-hostel-fellowship. He took that advice to heart way back and it has served him well even in the Corporate world.

As a Branding Executive, he knew that having a 2.1 from one of the best schools in the country wasn’t going to give him the kind of life he desired. So, he learnt to appreciate whatever job he got first of all. It didn’t matter that he started at the lowest rung of the ladder. He built competence and stayed persistent. He developed relationship management skills by complimenting his colleagues on their own achievements.

As he moved up the ranks, he learnt to listen to his subordinates and not shoot down their ideas. He also learnt a little bit of how other departments worked and was even instrumental in effecting some changes. He was enthusiastic about his job and it always shone through in the way he got it done.

Even when his company had to implement a pay cut, he thought about leaving but decided to stay put. He was especially grateful to God when three months after some of his colleagues left for a “better paying” firm, they got laid off because it turned out those firms could not even pay. That experience alone taught him to do critical analysis before changing employer; if necessary.

Enjoying where you are is not only about the people or the pay or even the policies of the company. It’s about you, the values you hold dear and mostly the One who holds it all in His hands.

Where are you in your work life? What gives you pleasure in it OR puts you off it?

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