Escape From The Clutches Of Death

We all have something to be thankful for, or don’t you? Well Ame does and he shares why on #ThankfulThursday. Waking up in the morning is a blessing but escaping the jaws of death is a miracle worth sharing.

“On the 6th of November at 9pm, I was driving home from work and was around Gbagada when a man appeared by my window. Initially, I thought he was one of the hawkers or a joke but it became serious when he pulled out a gun, a pistol to be precise. He threatened to shoot me if I didn’t wind down my window and hand him my phone and valuables.

I stared at him not sure if it was a joke or not when he hit the side glass with the butt of his gun attempting to break it but the glass did not shatter. Without thinking, I dashed to the side, lying flat, waiting…Thinking he had taken a shot and waiting for the bullet to hit me, penetrate my body and cause me pain.

Out of frustration, the robber headed for the passenger side, threatening to shoot again and then tried to break the glass. I was more scared as this time, he was standing in front of me, where my head faced and that could be deadly.

But miraculously, my inner lights came on for no reason and I raised my head to find out why.

Without thinking but sure by a mysterious direction, which I can only attribute to a faithful God, I stepped on my accelerator as I just about noticed a space to maneuver between two cars about 20 meters ahead of me.

Apparently, the lady in front of me driving a Corolla had swerved off the road and behold, my miraculous escape route. All these happened in less than 1 minute. Surely it was God at work and I know that Angels are around us.

If that woman had not swerved to create the space, it could have been a different matter as I was alone with this man who obviously was on drugs and wanted to rob me against all odds.”

Today, Ame is thankful to God for the miraculous escape and we know you will be thanking God too on his behalf. We all have great stories to tell about our miraculous God and sharing, encourages faith so share yours now.

We will like to use this opportunity to invite you to the church premises by 6pm today for prayers. Remember to be thankful always as a thankful heart is a blessed heart.

We hope to share your story next week on #ThankfulThursday

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