Exceptional Excesses

In most parts of the world, the phrase ‘triple threat’ is often used to describe – cool, calm and collected men. In the event a woman is the subject, it becomes – beauty, brains and brawn. Can a woman have it all?
Can a successful career woman still have a healthy social and family life? Can she be healthy, beautiful, have a great career, an amazing marriage, strong spiritual depth and global impact?

When a woman is successful, the first question people ask is, “Is she married?”, as if marriage and success are mutually exclusive for women. Smart, beautiful and rich seems to be the ultimate recipe for dying alone, with only cats and cars for company. As women, sometimes it seems like we need the world’s permission to step out of ‘the other room’. Women who work hard are accused of neglecting their primary duty – starting a family and raising Godly children, but is that all we are created to do?

If we are so quick to spiritualize everything, here is a spiritual fun fact: the Prov. 31 Woman was not a full-time house wife. Are you shocked? There is more – she was a serial entrepreneur! The world has given us excuses and we have owned them over the years: we are the weaker vessel, should focus on just our families, were made to be spectators and not active participants in the sport of life.

Florence Nightingale was a nurse, Hellen Keller was Deaf and blind, Mother Theresa was a nun, Dorothy Hodgkin was a scientist and Rosa Parks was an activist – What is your purpose? Even the ladies of old, I mean ancient times, understood the power of a purposeful woman. How much more should you and me with so much information available. Are we unaware of our place in history?

From the beginning of time, women have changed the course of the world. Strong women have stepped out and made their voices heard, showing us that success and influence can have humble beginnings. Rahab started out as a prostitute, Ruth was a widow, Sarah was barren, Esther was a slave and Mary was a pregnant virgin – what’s your excuse?

Woman, know thyself! A sage once said, ‘Nobody knows you like you do’. So, next time someone says you can’t, dear lady, don’t spend precious time arguing; say these three words after me ‘watch and see’. Being a successful woman is not a pesticide for all men. This narrative has been spread by insecure men looking for preys. A man who knows who he is, is not looking for a servant, but a helpmeet.

Dear lady, dare to be strong, to stand-up and be counted, to make impact and be amazing. Dare to dream big, but don’t be afraid to wake up and work to achieve them, because a purposeful woman is the crown jewel of any king. I agree with society on one thing – women and men are not the same. We were built differently and wired to think differently, not subordinates, but partners in life, love and achievement. A woman trying to be a man, is a waste of womanhood. Remember the daughter of who you are, knowing in your heart that you were made for more. Reach for opportunities, don’t be timid. Why sneak through life, only to arrive safely at death? Be a force for good and be successful at it!

You have all it takes to happen to your generation. You are the woman born to provide that solution, to be great and make the world around you a better place.

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