Executive In/Discretions

The bigger the empire, the greater the temptations. How can a person manage vices as a top executive? After he made king, did Solomon yield to every temptation?

“Vanity of vanities”, says the Preacher, “All is vanity!”

It’s gone well so far for me. My name is Abbas. I’m a happy man who’s paid his dues. I’m reaping the fruits of the labour of my hard life. “It’s a planet of challenges, Boy! No matter your plans…”, I often say to my PA, “…sometimes you just gotta run, be the tough one that runs away”. I believe the challenges and temptations at the exec level of the pyramid is nothing compared to the threats I faced when I was ascending the rungs. Now that I have a similitude of “success”, the “he’s-made-it” air is before everyone, notwithstanding my genuine humility; the temptations are real, clear and present.

The first time the reality of the challenges of status and opportunities dawned on me was when my bank’s BM approached me to front a deal worth $2M with a guaranteed 4% payoff. Cool, sweet cash without sweat. The assured returns from the transaction set my pulse on marathon for several days. But to the too-good-to-be-true cliche, I sometimes wisely add “… and too-good-to-be-safe”. It wasn’t easy, but I let that deal go. I consider involvement in certain transactions as wagering my wife and 2 beautiful daughters. For the sakes of self and country, I surreptitiously blew the whistle on the cohorts of that spurious deal.

But the challenges of status and opportunities are multi pronged. I think Clinton was just a learner in the Lewinsky story compared with my recent experiences. I muse at the intrigues of the Cosby, Kelly and Weinstein allegations and the backlash thus far. Really devastating events in the life and career of any man, it also hit the all-time greats King David and Samson. Before Strauss-Kahn could say “innocent” in the hotel maid saga, his alleged indiscretions had taken a toll on his life and the best of him and his flying echelon career. It all came crashing down for him. Thoughts of how these mighty have fallen always give me the “hibby-jibbies”. Sena, my secretary is a beautiful young lady by all standards and attractive, but I’ve kept my chaste flag high – NO permissible half mast moment EVER!

In my current sphere of influence, the excitement, ease and possibilities of infidelity is for the asking, but I have applied the brakes of self-restraint. I see the dangling apples, but I know the ones not to eat because I have the one to eat. I, like some of my contemporaries, have chosen the ONE as the ONLY.

Just the other day, April disclosed the huge amounts she’d spent seeking cure for a mysterious skin condition which tests had attributed to STD, only God showed mercy and cured her. I remember my old friend who decided to knock himself out on a sorority frolic, when he imagined he had clocked millionaire. He was a don in the ladies’ circles. Eventually, he literally lost it all to his indiscretions.

So, a simple “NO” may be very difficult but life/career saving. The virtue of self control cannot be dispensed with, for your safety. Then, you must exercise good judgment. I am taking these steps and I foresee a happily-ever-after for myself.

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