Faith In The Workplace

We all have that ‘holier-than-thou’ colleague, who brandish their Christianity and even threaten us with religion. Well, noisy Nnamdi needs no introduction. He earned the nickname by always praying aloud first thing in the morning; having a huge paperback Bible on his table and leading every religious argument at work.

Anytime Nnamdi sniffed that someone was talking about religious tolerance, all hell breaks loose (no pun intended) as he would carry on condemning and criticising others. Nnamdi always announces his religion even when it’s uncalled for. Don’t get me wrong, be proud of your Christianity, but a formal meeting is hardly the place to go with a Bible.

Seems extreme?

Anyone who asked how his weekend went, would hear a full sermon on how the last sermon was more amazing than the one before.

Get the picture?

However, with all his ‘Christian tendencies’ Nnamdi thrived on arguments, intolerance and is judgemental; once telling us that we were hell-bound for listening to ‘worldly music’.

Timid Temi, on the other hand, is an enigma; no one knew his religion and he seemed to like it that way. He earned his nickname by never contributing to conversations, always keeping to himself and generally being ‘anti-social’. He always backed-down or walked away from confrontations.

Two weeks ago, Nnamdi was moved to Temi’s department; his loud prayers and confrontational attitude didn’t sit well with Temi, who had already complained to HR. We could all sense the tension rising, but no one was willing to ‘bell the cat’, until now… HR had summoned Nnamdi, and when he came back, he was seething… “You have done your worst, abi” Nnamdi said under his breath and Temi started humming a ‘worldly song’… wrong move. Nnamdi could no longer take it, he began to scream at Temi. Before HR could intervene, Temi made a very profound statement, “I am an atheist, however, if Christians are meant to be this judgemental… I’ll never accept Christ”.

Our faith is meant to be shared with others, not forced on them. Our lives should be examples that lead people to Christ, not away from Him. In expressing your faith, have respect for other people and their preferences. Even the good book says ‘follow peace with all men’.

Jesus showed love and compassion, not hate and condemnation. Learn to live in love.

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